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  1. Listening to Kroq tonight the dj mentioned they have big muse news on Monday. Let's see if it's a new show! Or something kroq exclusive at the red bull Soundstage.
  2. Follow the tickets link for the LA date under the news. It will take you to the presale website which isn't AXS.
  3. Very excited. But what's the point of a muse member pre-sale when Kroq has their own pre-sale code which starts at the same time....
  4. I was masking my ignorance with my bias for Muse. Thanks for setting me straight!
  5. I mean really. In past years, Avicii gets 90 minutes, Black Keys get 90 minutes. Muse gets 50? Yet they have twice the career than the other 2 have combined. Disappointed in Kroq. Take Vance Joy off the bill and give his 30 minutes of fame to Muse!
  6. I know Undisclosed Desires too! I'm in loge so I think you'll have plenty of friends to choose from if you need someone to go with you to the beer vendor.
  7. Haha with ketchup! It would be a bloody mess.
  8. Seeing this is the first outside show of this tour, maybe they'll be flying their drones Matt has talked about? One can hope!
  9. Such stress! Got loge 5 tickets row ss. It would be nice to see some of you. Hopefully we can set up something.
  10. I'm tied up until just before noon. Is there a stupid waiting room like on stupid AXS?
  11. Good point. They've had it as early as May 18th. Last year on the 31st. We shall see!
  12. I'd be very surprised if they did. Weenie Roast will be at same time as their European festival tour. AAC may be a possibility though.
  13. And by the way, I am very excited for those who were successful! Have a great time! I'm just jealous.
  14. Couple of things which could be BS. I'm irritated just like the rest of you. 1. I asked a friend at one of the sponsors if they had tix and apparently they only made 25 pair avail which were snatched up by senior management. So they appear to be really be limited. 2. I called AXS and the arrogant bastard (probably at a foreign call center) said irrationally that the waiting room gives priority to the time you enter the waiting room and are randomly placed amongst that time slot. I've seen enough posts here that I feel that's BS. I hope that Muse does monitor these posts and sees how angry their true fan base is, and does something about it. If they don't, I hope they play Explorers at the gig so I feel I didn't waste money!
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