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  1. I feel I need to say something here, I have never said I played a major role in the 2015 Psycho tour. this statement makes me feel really uncomfortable as its taking something I said and blown it way of out proportion. The petition I did in 2014 was for a 20th anniversary gig. I spoke to Glen Rowe about it and he said the band had seen it and were aware of the idea, but nothing was going to happen in 2014, but it gave Matt the idea of something for the future. The idea of the petition is just to gather support for the idea of what Matt suggested on Twitter. I don't think we should be discussing venues, polls, songs etc, this is not what the petition is about and such discussions can get quite heated after a while (as I already seen on here and on various FB posts) Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition so far, I never expected to reach nearly 1,000 supporters in under 24 hours!
  2. When will they be answering them/ admins posting the answers on here? Would it be a good idea if Management put a post about this on the main website news section, as that would reach a much wider audience than just those who check the forum often or from a FB group?
  3. Will you release the Live in Rome show on 4K format soon? It was amazing to see in the cinema and would love to watch again at home. Maybe an option for YouTube Red?
  4. As Drones is a concept album that is telling a story, have you thought about doing a one off show to play it in its entirety or perhaps commission a Broadway style show that follows the story of the protagonist. "Killed by Drones"
  5. More likely that Ticketmaster got in shit for publishing the date before the gig is confirmed (Guessing they are still negotiating with venues & dates) Same thing happened when the UK cinema Showcase released tickets early for the 4k Movie last November before it was announced on .mu
  6. Ok, so Matt last night at the Paris premiere and on a couple of interviews now has mentioned about playing a couple of gigs in Teignmouth next year for their 20th Anniversary. What do you reckon about possible venues? I cant see them playing in the local pubs when they first started out! The Teignmouth heritage centre looks promising, but its a tiny venue! Quote from recent interview: How do you blow your 20th anniversary next year? Matthew: We would like to organize a small event, not a huge tour. There will probably be some concerts in our hometown of Teignmouth, UK. We would like to invite more fans to come visit us for the occasion. We were asked to make a bigger show, but something that puts more value in our origins are preferred. Source: http://www.metronews.fr/culture/concerts-geants-nouvel-album-johnny-hallyday-muse-confie-a-metronews/mmkf!hrr4H9DgimE/
  7. And there was me about to walk out the door and drive up! Look forward to meeting some new musers tomorrow, think I'll wear heels to make myself taller so I'm not staring at the back of someones head all night!
  8. For people that are going for barrier, what time do you plan to arrive at Shepherds Bush? I really want to get barrier as I'm quite short and always seem to attract the tallest, rudest person to stand in front of me! I am planning on arriving at 12, is this is good time? I've noticed there's several queues as well? Is there just one queue for standing tickets? Would there be a O2 queue for standing (like at O2 arena)??
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