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    I have the second best job in the world. I get paid to sing, but I'm not famous [many think I should be] I live in a dirty-hippie po-dunk little town, and I have great taste in music. I've been a fan for a VERY long time, but I'm not a "fan-girl"... I still want to bear Matt Bellamy's children, our talents combined would make epic babies. But I'm seriously not a fan-girl.
  • Location
    Olympia, WA, USA
  • Interests
    Singing, MUSE[ic], music, writing, my job, swimming, stupid cat pictures, meandering ventures through wikipedia, anglophile [fan of all things British - save the food], Whovian, nerd, etc.
  • Occupation
    Karaoke Hostess [boasting the best Muse collection]
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  • Favourite Bands
    Ignoring the obvious, most of my favourite bands are, not so ironically, bands that Muse have claimed to have inspiration from - short list: Radiohead, Bush, Portishead, Annie Lennox, RHCP, Modest Mouse, David Bowie, Yeah yeah yeahs, Black Keys, NIN, Tool, Metric, Shiny Toy Guns, One Republic, Pulp, Pink, SPACEHOG, and many I'm sure I'm forgetting.
  • Favourite Films
    FFS..... Stuff that doesn't suck. Anything by Joss Whedon, almost anything from the UK... they get me. I get them.
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Dr Who, Torchwood, Buffy TVS, Firefly, American Horror Story, Sherlock, Star Trek, again, if it's nerdy or British, I'm probably a fan.
  • Favourite Books
    Fantasy, Historical sci-fi, getting into graphic novels. I should read more and watch less.
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Pretty sure I have every full album on CD except hulla... And I've bought a ton of karaoke tracks from Sunfly, because damnit I love singing Muse as much as listening to it. I've been told by many my version of "Madness" is better vocally than Matt, shhh don't tell him! Unless that gets me a meet n' greet.
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    First live show to come near me, attending 2/1/2013! Soooo excited! I also plan to some day see them in "the mother land" on their home turf.

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