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  1. Hi Guys, Since the drones tour i've been collecting the VIP posters that where included with the enhanced experience. From this forum and online I found out that there where 7 different posters. At this moment I have collected 4 out of the 7. Sadly they do not go up for sale that often and I was wondering if someone has one and maybe wants to sell it. I found pictures of the three posters I haven't collected. Thank you! http://www.valueyourmusic.com/items/172178914057-muse-vip-drones-world-tour-poster http://www.valueyourmusic.com/items/182895904498-muse-drones-tour-vip-poster http://www.valueyourmusic.com/items/202140472157-muse-drones-2016-world-tour-vip-poster-eifel-tower
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