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  1. I've included them on the ebay page as well, since the muse board won't seem to let them post in full on your visitor page.

  2. Hi there, absolutely you can. I've included a front and back picture (As you can see, there is some marking on the silver inlay on the back, but it's purely superficial). Also put two pictures to prove the disk tray is working fine.






  3. Hello, can I see more pics of the PSP? Thanks :)

  4. Has anyone get the Drones album code? I bought ticket for Glasgow, but didn't get a code.
  5. Has anyone managed to buy the cheap seats? Because I don't think they're in the pre-sale.
  6. By the way, use the tickets link from muse.mu members section, not the ticketmaster site directly!
  7. Does anybody know how can I pick a specific seating place in Ticketmaster? I know it's a bit off-topic, but I need help.
  8. You get the code from the Members section of the site. (http://muse.mu/user-area/members.htm). You'll probably (99% certain) have to put the code in the Ticketmaster page for the city/date you choose on Sept. 16 (there will be a field where to put it). After that you'll be redirected to all ticket options available to buy.
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