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  1. I was kinda bummed that I missed the presale (previous mail said users in Fin/Swe etc to "stay tuned" so that's exactly what I did. Didn't hear anything until I got the mail informing me about general sale. Then I found my presale code in here. It was just about useless as I wanted standing tickets anyway. So took my chances this morning, had the browser open at 09:00 sharp, put 2 standing in the basket, next and wait......wait.....wait....Sorry tickets are not available. WTF!! Went back and "permanto" is red. So bollocks to it, I'm going to work. Went to my phone at 09:30 and it offered me 1 standing, I bought it, checked again and it offered me 1 more. I think the scalpers get their amount, then people like me who are more fortunate probably have a few browser windows open. They eventually get released back to general sale. Anyway sorry for droning on and on, bottom line is I got 2 standing so happy days.
  2. Thanks to doing a favour for someone, i'm now stuck with spare tickets for this gig. They are printed tickets, if someone wants to buy them from me it would be very appreciated.
  3. If you send me your code I will buy a ticket for you also, i'm in Helsinki. I don't have a presale code Serious offer BTW, don't know if you can send a PM but send me SMS at ******** (or call) I will delete the number in one hour (about) PM sent.
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