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  1. mine : Showbiz : Unintended Sunburn OOS New Born x2 Bliss Plug in Baby x3 Feeling Good x3 Absolution Tiro x3 Stockolm Syndrome x2 Hysteria x2 Blackout x2 Butterflies x2 interlude x2 BH&R Supermasive x3 Take a bow Starlight x3 Map of the problematic x2 Soldiers Poem KOC x3 The resisance Uprising x3 Resistance x3 UD x3 USoE x3 Guiding light x3 ... Unnatural selection Exogenesis I The 2nd law Supremacy x2 Madness x2 Panic station x3 Follow me x2 Animals x2 Liquid State x2 Unsustainable x2 Isolated system x2 B-sides Dead star Nishe Jam Mk jam Dracula mountain x2 Montpellier jam x2
  2. I think that we can't a ticket on ticketnet exept because of very good reasons. (for example health problem) But you can sell it yeah, and if you do i'm very interessted (
  3. Hi guys there was seats changements for UK stadiums (Rico stadium for example) Don't you think that Stade de france will be affected by this changement too ? Because my seat is very very good
  4. You do with mistake too ???? AHAHAHA i have bought wrong tickets for wrong day. I need to swag it ^^
  5. Hi guys, i got a question I'm going to book some ticket monday, in the Categorie 1. But are the tickets which are sold during the pre sale the worst one, with bad views. Because the categorie 1 is sooooo big, and i really want to have a great view. I wonder if i (arrive to) book 2 tickets in this section during the pre-sale, will i have a great view of the stage ? Or should i wait wednesday to book tickets ? Thanks in advance guys That's a gift for my girlfriend who is not (yet) a muser, i want to convert her )))
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