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  1. Easy ticket purchase...and for a change only 30 minutes from where I live
  2. What are the ticket prices like for this tour? Looking for GA
  3. Waldebuhne is a fantastic venue, it's a bit like the Hollywood Bowl, next to the Olympic Stadium. Saw Depeche Mode there in July and it was brilliant both nights. The floor standing area is small, For Depeche most of the seated bits ( more like benches) were basically first come first served. The steps down are very steep is so worth it, and it's easy to get to via the S-bahn
  4. As someone who had only seen Muse twice until the last 2 weeks, but has been listening to their music for about a decade I'm happy to hear the "hits" at the show and they get the best reaction across the audience- that's why they get played. Its no different to almost all long running bands who do the same thing- the shows are aimed to please the widest possible market- not 10% of the audience who want to hear obscure album tracks. I do get the frustration- but on arena shows its not going to change. So either live with it or don't go. I've really enjoyed the shows I've been to, great to hear Hysteria, Resistance, Assassin, Apocalypse Please and the hits as well. As for the crowds- thought they were good in London, even those in the seats seemed to be stood for most of the show, and last night there were a bunch of fans having a great time right at the back of the GA area- oblivious to all the visuals just involved in the music
  5. It depends on the crowd on the night so difficult to say, on Tuesday both sides seemed to be having a good time right to the back of GA
  6. I don't think it's encouraged more the norm for most shows. Having done seats I get annoyed that my enjoyment is limited by those people who insist on sitting all the way through. I sat through some of Green Day because I had to. But I didn't insist anyone else sit down in front of me- it's a rock/Pop show not the opera And yes the o2 seats are bloody uncomfortable
  7. What a night..even better than Monday. Didn't expect Hysteria again so that was a nice bonus. Had a direct fly by of the dildrone as well Couple of days to recover before doing it all over sgain Re water bottles- yep they will take them but they don't check that thoroughly so it's usually possible to get small bottles in
  8. Really enjoyed last night, got to hear Hysteria again and was happy to hear UD as well. Crowd were jumping about where we were. So much better than Birmingham.
  9. At about 5 times the price you'd pay at the WH Smith at the train station. And yes they will remove the top from whatever you buy
  10. The other shows have been around 8.45, to 10.30 so would assume the same
  11. The 400 blocks are very high, more or less in the roof of the atena, sorry to say they are also a sit down zone, I've been to many gigs at the o2 and rarely have I seen people in the 400,s on their feet. I'm not sure you'll see anything if you do stand up
  12. You can sometime get small water bottles through, but it depends on how diligent the security people are on the door.
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