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  1. Monday too. I imagine the atmosphere will be really good. My first time seeing them and also the last so it's pretty sad.
  2. Pretty excited for Alexisonfire, which date are you going on? Presale was a joke, didn't hold anyone's tickets, same as the O2 presale I think...luckily this one seems to have done that so that's good!
  3. I was in a tense queue for a while but it worked out better than the O2 Arena presale and also the Alexisonfire presale I was in earlier in the year! Got my standing tickets, pretty excited
  4. My order. Took Prelude out. Animals into Isolated System winds down perfectly, fitting with the theme of entropy that runs through the album. Also Liquid State makes more sense coming first as opposed to Save Me. I enjoyed the album much more this way.
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