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  1. I don't get the muse bank site.. You have to register, answer the question if you have been to a gig and if you did you get this site where you can see people assigning and a video.. And some poster winners.. Not sure how to win a poster.. I guess it's some sort of lottery after signing up? Well, fingers crossed I guess?
  2. Wow, yes. I am definitely going to try and get tickets for this one. I really dislike the fact I didn't get tickets in time for the show in Ziggodome this year, so I'm not going to let this one slide.. edit: such a pity pre-sale will be hard for me since I won't be able to sit at a computer due to an internship :-(.. /boo What the.. I just noticed normal sale is on a Friday.. grrr. what about people working Monday to Friday?!
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