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  1. 1. Origin of Symmetry I mean: have you even listened to the album? Every song is amazing, there isn't one which I always skip or something, all the songs are just amazing with great guitar solo's, cool piano things and everything. And the B-side is futurism, and that's definitely one of my favorite B-sides, if not one of my favorite songs by Muse. 2. Absolution There are some songs on the album better than the songs of OoS, but some less too. I mean: I'm totally in love with apocalypse please, time is running out, hysteria, the small print, endlessly, thougts of a dying atheist and ruled by secrecy, but I find falling away with you just a tiny bit less than the rest. Also, fury is a great B-side. 3. Showbiz The riffs and the guitar solos and everything is just so pure and raw, and sunburn is just delightful. For sure one of my favorite songs all-time, especially with the clip it's just perfect. Same goes for uno. I also really love showbiz, cave and unintended, and I don't really get why people can hate overdue. I mean: I personally think it's great. A bit chaotic to say so, but really great. The songs of absolution and origin are just a tiny bit better. 4. Black Holes and Revelations I really love how the awesomeness of this songs are like... yeah. Awesome. Every song is so different and the order of the tracks is genius, really genius. I mean: it's just some sort of journey through awesome music, and as I love every song except for soldier's poem a lot of this album, I think it's really great. I mean: take a bow, starlight, map of the problematique, hoodoo (especially live), exo-politics and especially knights of Cydonia are just amazing. Really amazing. 5. The Resistance I don't understand how you can possibly dislike this album, I really love every single track. The album is just a bit different from the rest, but isn't every album a lot different of the rest, actually? Think about it. OoS doesn't sound a bit like either Showbiz or Absolution, especially not like BHaR. Soo... yeah. MK ultra, Unnatural Selection, Uprising, Resistance, Exogenesis 123, I belong to you (asdfghjkl his French is so adorable), yeah. 6. I also love 2nd law a lot, yeah.
  2. SHOWBIZ Sunburn, Uno, Unintended, Showbiz ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY New Born, Bliss, Citizen erased, Megalomania (and Futurism, although that's only on the Japanese version) ABSOLUTION Hysteria, Blackout, Butterflies and hurricanes, the small print BLACK HOLES AND REVELATIONS Take a bow, Map of the problematique, Exo-politics, Knights of Cydonia THE RESISTANCE Uprising, Resistance, Unnatural Selection, MK Ultra 2ND LAW Supremacy, Panic Station, Survival, Liquid State
  3. I love them all, the only one I used to dislike a bit until the EMA's was Madness. But it sounded so good there that I just love it now.
  4. I just love the performance of 'feeling good' for radio 3, 'uprising' in that Italian show and of course the whole performance during the iTunes festival.
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