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  1. Hi, Â don't know where to start but there's a photograph on the link to shows in Paris and London which I'd like to get a print of. I contacted the photographer who recommends that the band be consulted. I know this is normal for concert photography. Â This is the photograph. It's of Matt Bellamy; http://muse.mu/images,the-2nd-law-launch-shows-london-and-paris_162.htm?photo=4033 (can I post a URL at this stage - am new forum member). If the link isn't appearing, it's the high key photograph number 4033 in the Paris/London gallery. Not the O2 gallery. Â Contact page is 404ing on me from the help thread on this forum. Any idea who I need to contact to ask about ordering a print of this? It's obviously not in the merchandise page at present and any suggestions on how to contact them? No idea who the band's management are. Â Thanks in advance. Â temptar
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