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  1. Hi there! I'm trying to learn playing harmonica to do that song live as Muse does. Anyone of you knows if it's a G Harmonica or another key?
  2. Yep but I sing while playing also on the break doing in the mean time the bass tapping part, it was one of the tracks I've spent more time to play right
  3. eheh the badass one for me was Knights of Cydonia, not for the execution but to remember all passages of the first part. Dunno why it was really hard to keep in mind the notes sequence.
  4. In my opinion they are great, the MWBD is amazing and allows you to have 6 different distortions and to select how much dry signal you like to have. It's a good pedal, full of options, I use it on Uprising and City of Delusion, you can listen to the results looking to my videos on youtube
  5. hi this is mine! We're from Italy and we're called Fuse FUSE - Muse Tribute Band and here you can find some covers (mine and of the band) My Youtube Channel
  6. sorry to have posted two times my thread, I'm new and the first time I didn't notice that every thread is moderated before being displayed, feel free to not consider one of them

  7. Hi there! I hope to be in the right section I'm taking part in a contest, I would appreciate to see some thumbs up for my Madness cover, I haven't done with the kitara but with a Source Audio Hot Hand, a different interpretations, thank you! Madness cover
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