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  1. Plus I imagine when you're in the pit those transitions won't be as grating, and the hype for each new section will be massive
  2. I actually prefer this to Stockholm + riffs as it gives you a bit more of a whole load of songs we wouldn't get all otherwise. No where near as slick as enter shikari's quickfire round though.
  3. Not sure why so many people are complaining about the crowd being rubbish last night. From what I could see from standing most of the people at the opposite end to the piano were going nuts. Our little mosh pit during the globalist was great.
  4. you should actually see the main stage better if you're small because its higher, i'm 6'2 and i went for a spot near the front of main stage but couldn't see anything on the b-stage cause its so low (which is a lot of the gig), so i'd reccomend going for barrier/ close to barrier at very end of b-stage so you can still see main without having to turn.
  5. Mixed opinion from me, I'll start with the bad Wish matt had played his guitar more, especially blackout and unintended. starlight closing was awfull where i was everyone stood there for a good 2 mins after the rodies came out cause we couldn't believe that was it. I finally agree that new born is now shit, way too slow. While it must have looked good from the seats, the amount of time they spent on the walkway meant i couldn't see half the gig . However...great setlist (appart from the obvious stuff near the end), nice having such a long setlist too. performance was top notch, best of the 5 times i've seen them so far. some of the visuals were particularly cool (panic station) and loved the amount of pyro. Finally the crowd was one of the best i've had, i was in the "fight club" section and while it was rough at times it was never unbearable. With regards to the "fight club" please could anyone with decent videos of knights from the seats upload them cause i'd love to see what it looked like, especially the circle pit which i seem to be one of the first to dive into at every gig i go to now
  6. I'm pretty sure the T&Cs said they could change the rules whenever they wanted to, so i'm not supprised that that some of the winners weren't valid entries.
  7. For Biffy's most recent tour, Mike Vennart (their sort of equivalent of Morgan) came and played some of his parts front and centre of stage, and everone I've spoken to said this worked really well. If once or twice every gig, Morgan came forward to play a guitar part or something I think that would be awesome.
  8. No theme, just what my perfect setlist is at the moment. Need to move one of knights/survival somewhere else (any ideas?) and not too happy with where hysteria is either. Take a Bow Uprising ext. Supremacy Bliss ext. MK Ultra Dead Star Showbiz Citizen Erased Ruled by Secrecy Megalomania Madness Muscle Museum Follow Me Glorious Butterflies & Hurricaines Interlude+Hysteria Time is Running out New Born Falling Away With You (possibly change to Blackout) Plug in Baby Survival Knights of Cydonia (move one of these 2) The 2nd Law: Unsustainable Stockholm Syndrome
  9. I'm guessing since they're big RATM fans that they wrote the riff knowing it was like that then. Never heard of Matt mentioning it in an interview before, thought it would be the kind of thing picked up by musewiki.
  10. From the videos i've seen NA gigs do seem to have weaker crowds than UK, but muse crowds in general are mush less energetic than with other bands, even in the UK. LG arena for example, i got there late but still got a good spot which for most arena bands would be in the heart of the moshing, but when muse came on i was still a good 3m behind ANYONE i could see jumping. I guess it's just due to the high amount of casual fans at the gigs now.
  11. Well I thought the album versions fit together pretty nicely, and its not like the encores recently have been all that great. But what do I know.
  12. I don't reckon this will happen but I was thinking for first stadium encore soldier's poem/unintended/blackout/other slow song FAWY Plug in Baby (Stockholm) or just stop at PiB only cause listening to muse on random the other day I got FAWY then PiB and they flow PERFECTLY!!!!!
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