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  1. Hey guys can you please support my friend and up and coming blues guitarist in his bid to support Eric Clapton at Crossroads festival. Just go to: http://www.playcrossroads.com/u/akeylock ( it's free!) Thanks, thekarmapolice
  2. ha! we have the same age!

  3. Any of you guitar guys going the Mansons guitar show tomorrow? Just wondering how many musers will be in attendance.
  4. Yeah I think so :/ I love the 007 guitar though, it's awesome. Shame most of his most tech-filled guitars have been retired for this tour
  5. Props to my 12 year old brother we q-ed for 3 hours and got to the barrier was such a good night. Highlights were liquid state, touching Matt :O and Chris waving at us when he got off his tour bus behind the arena. And we both got set lists!
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