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    31/10/2009 Liévin
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    22/06/2013 Stade de France
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    12/03/2016 Palais 12 Brussels
    28/06/2016 Tour Eiffel Gig
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  1. Hello musers, I'm looking for a spare ticket, if anyone has one more ticket for the SBE... I never seen them in a small venue, it's my dream. I can't sleep, I need it please tell me, DM me, tweet me @EmiMuser ... I'm begging, I can pay for it (I'm desesperate... ) Thank you...
  2. I was connected on time, I selected 1 ticket best available, but the "find ticket" button was blocked during 6 minutes!!! Of course all the tickets were already gone.. I'm so sad and angry, fucking website !!!
  3. Hello! I would like to learn Undisclosed Desires on piano but I don't find the chords for the live intro. I would like to know : what is 'enjoy the silence' ? where can I find it ? Thanks
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