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  1. While I won't spoil the setlist, if it was mental as last night's and if the Barrowlands crowd is as mental as usual, this will probably be one of the better gigs anyone has been to in a long time. Â Â Make sure to buy your drinks before the support finishes at 8:30. 7 hours to go!!!!
  2. Â Maybe it didn't turn up to the gig or they had to repair it. It would explain the unusually guitar based set and dropping some songs that are among the band's own favorites. It's been five years since they have not played undisclosed desires even though it wounds like a lead balloon live... Â Â After hearing about the crowd last night, I fear for the set tonight in Barrowlands. Â I agree with predictions above, think I made the same comments in another thread though I think SS will be dropped for Newborn like during the T2L tour.
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