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  1. I certainly hope it happens. So many cities have been skipped. I was hoping to take my nephews, which would be their first concert, to a show in Portland. I went to the Oakland show, myself, despite living in LA, because it was on a Saturday and the LA date was late in being scheduled (on a Monday.) Having seen the show, I know exactly where I would get seats for the boys. It will blow their minds. Hoping they store the stage and return from Mexico to hit the other cities.
  2. Jordan Peele is. An ad for it was shown during the Super Bowl. It is coming to CBS All Access.
  3. Since seeing the Instragram post of Dom with that huge drum, I secretly hoped that somehow they were doing the Alternate Reality version of Algorithm. I'm blown away they actually are doing it and think the execution is brilliant! The album version still comes off as a bit incomplete...as if we only got part of it, so hearing both with the album version as a reprise is pretty much the best approach. There is nothing redundant about it and is well deserved in the set given it is one of the best Muse songs in the entire catalog.
  4. Agreed. Dig Down killed my even looking forward to the album, much less any singles that came after it. Had it played out this way, I'd have been more primed for the album.
  5. I agree.. because unlike some of you, I did not pay much attention at all to any of the songs released in advance all because I HATED "Dig Down." I actually assumed I had outgrown the band. I caught glimpses of the videos as they were released, but really didn't engage myself in listening. So I'm really hearing these songs for the first time as part of the scope of the album and it changes everything. I am loving the album and suddenly I'm all on board. I snatched up tickets to a show yesterday, completely spontaneous. "Dead Inside" got a similar reaction to me. I was "meh" about it as a first single, though nothing close to my completely underwhelmed reaction to "Dig Down." Once Drones came out, I started to appreciate the song more and seeing it live really highlighted just how good the vocals are on the song. Now I love it. It remains to be seen if this will occur with Dig Down.
  6. So there is no consensus on the correct order? I haven't watched them all, but would like to watch in the correct order. I've only watched the first three album tracks, since I assumed that would be the proper order. I wonder if a proper video production for Blockade may come down the line instead of the recap using all of the other videos? I hate the comparisons to Ready Player 1 for this whole marketing approach. It's understandable, but that movie was an abomination and I actively dislike Spielberg over it. He diluted both 80's and Virtual Reality when he had the opportunity to make an amazing movie that pays tribute to it all. What Muse is doing is far better in that regard and should be thought of as having more in common with Stranger Things.
  7. He also complains about click tracks, making it obvious he doesn't understand them, what they do at all, or the fact that Muse, along with any other rock band that has any kind of show using modern staging has been using them longer than not in their career. Complaining about the setlist of a band that is playing nearly their entire new album in the U.S. is also more evidence of idiocy and irony... since it's usually older people, the ones he's complaining about, that whine about old songs not getting played versus the focus on new material. Blaming older people for low energy, referring to a generation that has been listening to heavier music than most of what is out there today, is just childish stupidity. The fact is that Los Angeles is well known for having low energy. It's full of industry people that get free tickets to any of these shows and only go just because. Muse actually is above average in LA due to the fans, but in general I do not get excited about seeing a show in LA as the energy is nearly always apathetic.
  8. I'm not sure what your comment about US Radio has to do with anything I said. The low energy is because of the older audience? Do you realize you are going to be part of that older audience very quickly? Notwithstanding, there were kids all around me just standing there, not paying attention, chit chatting with buddies and girlfriends. Were you one of them? Standing around not reacting to the show because the band wasn't doing everything you think they should be doing that makes a show good? I'm 42 and I was headbanging with Chris all night, completely locked in to the peformance. There are no rules for how you are when you get older. I'm not going to jump around just because monkey see monkey do. If I do, it's because the energy is there. The kids next to me were jumping out of sarcasm and being drunken idiots, not because of the show.
  9. It's just how he is. He's introverted and a musician. He's being real and letting the music do the talking. Dave Gahan is an excellent frontman in being a showboater. He's the only one strutting and dancing around on the stage getting the crowd going, but he barely says a word in between songs other than short phrases just like you described.
  10. Matt is Matt. Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode are similar in their shows. Both bands are hugely successful live acts. Matt is a front man in his performance during the songs, not chit chatting between songs. It's not his personality. He's an artist. There are plenty of front men that I do love that I also feel need to learn the shut the f**k up because they talk too much between songs and DURING songs, the latter being a real pet peeve.
  11. I'm in my 40s. If a fan is there and they are in their 50's or whatever age, they're a fan. Blaming them for low energy is ignorant. If they weren't jumping around, they were riveted on the intricacies of the performance. People in their teens or 20s go to concerts just because it's monkey-see monkey-do. They are the ones getting overly drunk, chit chatting during the show, and running for nachos. A fan in their 50s is there for the music and performance. They are real music fans and love live music. There were kids all around me that were not paying attention, being loud NOT in response to the show because of course if they don't know the song then it must suck and no one else cares either, and essentially just waiting for the radio hits. The show was far from caput. I focused on the band and for the most part it felt like I was at an intimate club show on the floor. I would have liked to go on Saturday night just to take in the production, which is brilliant as far as I'm concerned. I had been quite tired of Resistance for a while now, but the performance on Friday won me over as was the case with a number of other standards. That is what it should be about. On paper, a setlist can look boring, but if they are delivering in the actual performance of the song, you can be reminded why you ever liked it in the first place. Vice versa, a song you've been waiting forever to hear live may not go over that well in reality. I filter out the American aspect of shows. The low energy, the inattentiveness, the lack of interest in anything but radio hits are all realities that aren't going to change anytime soon. I focus on the real fans that are there and the band. I go to Europe when I want the full experience.
  12. So was I and yes, totally agree on the difference in Europe. I generally do prefer GA shows now because it does mean that those around the stage are going to be fans for the most part. In Europe, they'll be fully participating and singing along appropriately. The U.S. is truly sad when it comes to audiences. I think many U.S. Muse fans take notice of how it's done in Europe and try follow suit, but there is just not enough of them.
  13. It was an awesome show, though being down in the GA in front, I missed the production for the most part. It was really more like an intimate club experience if you were down there. I wanted to go to the second night with seats off the floor, but that didn't pan out. There was a group of young, drunken Asians on the floor in the middle that were overly loud, trying to attract attention to themselves, barely paying attention unless it was a particular song. After being forced to stand outside in line until 8:05, this was the only other negative. Everytime I wanted to turn and lay into them I was reminded they were just young, stupid, and woman-like in a "oh look at me!" way. Actually, I take that back. I was in denial when the show was over because I was all "WHAT???? No! NO! They didn't play Reapers! It can't be over!" So of course, they play Reapers on Saturday. Oh, and American audiences are just lame and stupid. I doubt you'd find a group like those Asians at a show in Europe acting like that. As a whole, the participation and reaction was just so underwhelming. It helped that being on the floor, you only see the other rabid fans in front or around you for the most part, but when I'd look back to see the arena as a whole, I could only shake my head in disgust.
  14. Ugh! I know it's on YouTube. I've watched both videos there.. Someone also decided they should only be viewed on your phone's screen or through a browser at some point around the release date. I'd like to be able to easily play them on my 55" TV. The video is much more effective when experienced through a large screen and sound system. So I'm trying to find a way I can purchase both videos. I don't get why it's being made so difficult to at least be able to purchase them or why they feel the need to suddenly block us from playing it on YouTube on our TV.
  15. Does anybody know if the videos for Unsustainable and Isolated System are still offered with the purchase of the album on Muse.mu? I did not preorder it since I just picked up the CD at the store on the day of release. If they are still available, is it only with a particular package? I don't see anything in the store referencing the videos anymore.
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