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  1. I certainly hope it happens. So many cities have been skipped. I was hoping to take my nephews, which would be their first concert, to a show in Portland. I went to the Oakland show, myself, despite living in LA, because it was on a Saturday and the LA date was late in being scheduled (on a Monday.) Having seen the show, I know exactly where I would get seats for the boys. It will blow their minds. Hoping they store the stage and return from Mexico to hit the other cities.
  2. Jordan Peele is. An ad for it was shown during the Super Bowl. It is coming to CBS All Access.
  3. Since seeing the Instragram post of Dom with that huge drum, I secretly hoped that somehow they were doing the Alternate Reality version of Algorithm. I'm blown away they actually are doing it and think the execution is brilliant! The album version still comes off as a bit incomplete...as if we only got part of it, so hearing both with the album version as a reprise is pretty much the best approach. There is nothing redundant about it and is well deserved in the set given it is one of the best Muse songs in the entire catalog.
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