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  1. Come with me and you will find the tattered world we left behind at eyes expanse we'll gaze and see the tender moments The hypocrisy and all those things we can only perceive with eyes wide open to history forged a path through it's veins To impart our ways upon the new whom come to discover the hidden structure of the lover To land here sight unknown a vision of future gleaned in the eye as cast upon turns toward the sky
  2. The side of you I haven't seen so fast to rush in to things I do Just needed the pace to slow to a crawl Compared to you I know nothing at all Recoiled under life's shelter and seeking respite for in the sun freezes dark of night that cuts as sharp as any sword In absence of movement expanding into light reminding me of a fortune cookie What is the speed of dark? Letting your heart freeze and shatter was not the path I was after
  3. I know you don't understand those things I do I don't know if I can explain those nuances to you The fire burns so brightly was meant for you So high the flames they near the sky If you could see through my eyes A warm embrace of you in arms makes me want to lay down arms The battlefield of love and some tragedy was all invented for people like me So long the fight, and they're so strong being only matched by love and song
  4. As minds begin to oscillate Feel the heat they generate that pendulum between Love and Hate and interference purposely directed of mind numbing madness that can be corrected the ebb and flow of energy in which we swim on which we feed
  5. I will cover your eyes from harm When Darkness sounds it's alarm We will learn to run and hide with pen and paper we learn to confide Those broken pieces of life we see Please, oh please, run to me I will surround with warmth and passion to erase the anger in stealthy fashion We can't turn around, we must go through this is how I feel, The Me and The You
  6. I know you've been wronged that's easy to see Just wanted you to know the otherside that's me Reach out your hand that's all it takes If you want change start with yourself cast light upon a darkened room turn around the fear and gloom If you want silence and loneliness there is plenty to spare the longer you are there the less you are here So do what you will it's your choice but when you're here you can raise your voice Puppeteers Man the stage Strike the band The time has come to control the land Stretch the fingers raise puppets erect move feet and hands tilt their heads and man the tongue The same picture replays and replays The movements predictable until the one comes to life with no strings and tugs at the others strings pulling them free With the balance shifted the puppeteers look astonished surprised, perplexed, and vexed "Gather them" they say But the lowly little puppets say "No way!"
  7. So much more than meets the eye perhaps yours, I should avoid those jealous pangs of vacant stares leaves you here, not over there Soften the glass with the seas of time know there is more than monotonous grind right now is revolution revolution of all time we live in a moment where light meets dark and somehow think they're worlds apart So meet us here, speak with heart Right here is the beginning Right now...the start
  8. You wouldn't be a fool to stick around I need you here to hear your sound a smile wipes across my face from every message you send my way those words are written to form my song hopefully you will sing along So stay here, stay here, stay here please This tiny heart needs a reprieve so stay here stay here, stay here please This tiny mind needs to conceive When time goes on as it always does I need you near, to feel your love it doesn't take much to satisfy a few kind words to fall upon ears just a few of your words can erase those fears So stay here, stay here, stay here please This tiny heart needs a reprieve So stay here, stay here, stay here please This tiny mind needs to conceive
  9. I'm gonna be here, now Gonna be there, then And was there, when When it all began See the cataclysmic event That set forth the human escape Churned the lands and sea alike All of it blew my mind Tick, tick, ticking of time Sun so bright Sound not quite right So rewrite the beginning Erase the end Only to begin again You can't see what it's done to me The here and now the was and when the there and then of when it all began
  10. I haven' felt so alive in so long Until you arrived with your song I've looked around and all I see are people babbling words to me but between the gaps of your words is where my story is heard So meet me where the spirits fly Way, way, way, way up high and tell me your deepest desires so we may rekindle the fires I will tell you my story in bits and pieces, drabs and blurbs, like "It's impossible for it not to be possible" and that will eventually be heard Holding a key in hand is what I need Some things are forced and others evolve over time Mine being the latter, borrowed from you So meet me where our spirits fly Way, way, way, way up high Way, way, way, up high So deep, deep, deep down below we will travel and watch as time unravels...
  11. Puzzled is the mind Felt in morning light The pieces falling together While fear lies in wait of where to go and how to escape Peace comes into play and throws a wrench right in the day Mine ears do listen and feel you near I've come to replace all the fear On my shoulders you may confide of all those times you want to hide The times of confusion and let downs In me, is where your emotions may drown Will you take my hand and make our stake on this foreign land
  12. I don't have the instrumental ability to compose complete songs, I just write to relax and express things I can't necessarily verbally express. Life seems to be rife with things that need to get done that sometimes it is nice to slow things down...perhaps you can relate

  13. thanks, sometimes I get stuck in a moment in time and I just got to get it out... some are better than others... do you write poems or songs? bear with me I am new to this...thanks again

  14. Let,,,,go I just can't let go never,never,,,let go you know this, yet you continue it's important to me and to all who can't see the time is here to bring you near I just can't let go all the power of you all the words I said and the truth came through I just can't let go there's a part of me straight to the heart of me that calls to be heard and I know the light will flicker as a candle looses flame as I stand and call your name I just can't let go I just can't let go and you know, you know you know, you know never ever let go
  15. what did they do to you, my friend what did they do............my friend you spoke a different language but we understood we were right here waiting for you when the darkness fell upon you we were holding the torch waiting waiting for you to take our hand my friend, my friend.... what have they done to you, my friend the light in your eyes shone brightly as ours once did your heart beat as ours once did your mind thought as ours once did
  16. awaiting my moment my moment to pounce cause upon my heart is where you trounce the future...mine to see embedded in my memory compose a line and make it rhyme and tell what will be for all time at a moments glance you know I see the hidden underbelly of his story this lamb was led at a moment in time and that is when I changed my mind so take a pill Day and Night to keep at bay life's hidden fright and stand assured that I am here to counterbalance that silent fear
  17. Ride through the fear...oh... Ride through the fear... Come to the place where you know I am near Ride through the fear...oh.. Ride through the fear Come to the place where I know you are near Don't hide from the noise, and cower around They'll leave you for dead, stuck under the ground So Ride through the fear... oh ... Ride through the fear Come to the place where you know I am near It runs so deep, truths hidden in lies Covered with layers of alibis "Ride...." We'll meet in the heavens, and plan are revolt Then come reigning down, with lightning bolts "Ride..";)
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