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  1. Your words, as always, are enough for me Most times people can't see what I see I juggle the concepts within my mind especially when things are hard to define The challenges I face are hard, you see to convey a message of peace in times like these After having been caught in states of mental undress Just wanting to break free and bathe in the light Some things are handled much better at night When all I wanted was someone to hear you took the time to lend me your ear The awe inspiring drive within that pushes me to learn the things they don't teach Even if those things are seemingly out of reach
  2. Watch them fall For they will drop off as leaves from a tree during fall harvest What is left will be a sturdy trunk of support and growth For the years will encircle like rings of time kept in natures grasp So precious are They you should covet and address because we are here and we believe in more than you We are those whom see through we grow stronger as the bark hardens The winds push and pull as we stand steadfast through the storms to strengthen our root system This forest is to great to ignore The trunks plentiful of radiant beauty as we prepare for the bitter of winter Only to appear in spring budding time Spawning broad leaves to shelter from light those trunks kept sound at night
  3. Your sound came through to me like tidal waves through the sea Faster and louder making me stand prouder Searching for someone who knew my heart looking for someone with whom to start to begin the end or end the begin A tattered heart in need of repair A certain someone to say I care Are you just one of the many and does your star burn brightest at night and when it shines do you know the potent power of it's glow Tell me, Tell me now How do I know?....How do I know? I don't want to wait longer Don't want to grow stronger When all I need is you....
  4. Your a bad ass oh yes, we know So hard on the outside yet inside so scarred You wield your pain as if it's a joke somehow between you and your haunts Your secrets kept of which you flaunt Chasing away caring few perhaps the only who truly knew you So assign blame if that's your game Or transcend the primal to transform your name
  5. L_J

    The Writers Block

    I need a moment to feel your warmth Your heart it beats in tune with mine You know you stood the test of time A tidal wave of equal force meets mine at it's peak I long to feel you nearer to me reaching out for loves sake No matter the recourse I want you here I need, I need to feel you near Listen to my heart as it skips a beat listen to the music As we move our feet 1 and 2 and 3 and 4... I need to feel you, Oh all the more
  6. Meet me at midnight we'll run and hide Meet me at midnight on the other side The stars above and earth below Hidden in your heart is a potent glow Reaching for life from underground up above we hear the thunder channeled and formed to sheer perfection offering only it's absolute protection
  7. Oh my brother, I heard your cries Your message carried like flames in the wind Your toiled emotions ensnarled into being You could have given nothing more You know how it goes You know the score My eyes lower My back, it turns for in you is a part of me a part that not so many see And those whom gaze upon the truth only to turn and look away Well, there are no words for me to say Like your poems RH and JUJU!
  8. The passion of silence sighs with a gasp when lovers entwine day and night Their worlds contradict and spur the fight The spirited tongue holds the moon as the limpid covets the sun Might the converse be true? How you see it is up to you.
  9. The power of minds behind those eyes The money is only part of the guise in the despot guild You break down, then build true of the past true of the present and not true of the future See, we have the power of the many it may take a little longer but every day We grow stronger One at a time is vetted Those who failed, paraded through time only serve one to remind I only need for you to see the power of the words we keep As each one is held close to heart and each moment we play the part and set course to navigate through the expansive sea's of hate To reform and reshape times grasp
  10. Plenty of questions posed It's the right one that not many know Answers sought and found Come reigning in the mind and soul as the history of time is told Watching time unravel Eyes open to the universe as we travel While fractal nature prevails so delicate the balance tween replication and smooth sails some choose to run and hide when I choose to look inside reroute and rewire the hard drive that is my mind RH loved your last poem:D
  11. Treading carefully in muddy waters I reach for you, to come and rescue from the noiseless sound... from the underground If I could scream and beat back fear I would do it now, I would do it here Having felt the quandary not knowing it was you Your feeling so bound, not knowing what to do While warring factions do not pander Always remember we must go through Somewhere there is a place for the you and the I Then suddenly a blue glowing orb traverses the sky
  12. Pushing the limits Playing with fire have always been my hearts desire The boundaries Constrictive The heart at times, vindictive Eyes held open to see within my personal sanctuary mottled with sin No better than the next I walk in to reveal the true nature of this human shell I'll cradle in arms the spirit of you and follow the journey through those depths Not looking back with regret I will follow, and I will lead Till the end of time as we push the exceed
  13. Just wanted to take a moment for you To tell you I appreciate all that you do There are moments when I tend to forget though you are not on the list of regret We balance on the beam of life Back and forth Through much strife To bring us here in those dark alleys where we connect That's something I haven't found even when shining a light all around in the darkest recesses where fear resides Our lips stay sealed our hands held steady to recapture the times that many would say is all in our minds
  14. The house of cards wobble and teeter making them squirm as we stand tall and proud That strength of the One to undo all that's been done... in the name of power... in the name of money... and in the name of greed Though not... in the name of truth With the flicker of a finger the song nears crescendo building ever so slowly to erupt in glorious ferverance that the masses will hear The voice that they don't even know they fear
  15. The words, they come so infrequently They can't be defined by the language I see I know how you feel trapped in ever-changing illusion with arrows that point only causing confusion Torn between duality and what is appropriate for the world to see The horizon a line tween day and night the masks we wear to hide the fright Holding onto a minute truth pushes us further only to reveal the proof
  16. The constant push that drives the pull Watching the effect when focused on the cause Can't seem to let it go as it goes unsaid in all those places always leaving movement traces that counterbalance, ice cold precision They mask with mal intent to maintain a foothold above the rest When ten seconds turn into one I know your there too I know your the one
  17. Standing sturdy and strong you present all the strength you posses Your cunning wit and written charm In my eyes you can do no harm Your tempered grace again, emits radiant glow That inquisitiveness that boroughs to the core shows one what all this is for In my eyes none have had you at your best Your challenges are game for play Point any direction and I will stay
  18. In the expanded periphery is where, is where you'll find me Where the world is ours and the constant troubles of existence cease to exist Where we are free Hangin in the periphery Look, look further Work, work harder Things aren't always what they seem When hangin in the periphery Come see, come see with me You'll scream out Scream out loud Just remember you can't touch It ain't something that can be proven Just something ya know Come see, come see the expanded periphery There's more to the show than you may know The show of life and how the guided fight in their names Take the control For yourself and fight on the periphery Stand back and watch Look for a sign That your message was heard Cause they heard mine
  19. The bravest of brave took life and threw it away What spurns man to challenge forces? What drives one to set different courses? Lost at sea, guided by will Your words resound...their comments shrill So run as far and fast as necessary find a new home of comfort and peace and know you Tried to get them to see know you Tried to set them free:facepalm:
  20. Open the door and step in oh where, oh where, oh where do I begin altered conscious against black screen I kneel and say to you I know what It is I know what you do How can you protect those guarded secrets? Why do you fear truth? Is the screen really for me? Or is it for you? The repressed gather to you You know their minds and use it against them the discarded energy the replaced memories and the tragedy You keep for yourself Where..oh where do you go You can come to see the heart broken floating at sea Lost and confused greatly misused Gather the knowledge of the rising sun So beautiful it could be Lean on thy shoulder when you realize your wrongs you are already imprisoned in your own mind So stand tall and say those words Don't worry of betrayal... Don't fear the consequence Become the great person you were meant to be. Don't look back, eyes forward with intensity Passion, grace and dignity Confess, confess, confess to me All the tragedy come through the screen and kneel to me as I to you then and only then may we begin So kneel to me so we may view one another eye to eye
  21. Postured in silence stands carved beauty bathed in light the given cloth of skin Ponders the quiet of words written replaying them to fashion anew All these things are found in you The strength forged in weakness so delicate the edge slices into me your moments of dread A fear arises that you will leave and have me down upon the knees So hear the cries and know I'm near even when there resides that silent fear
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