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  1. Traveled down paths where beauty was mangled and misused solely for selfish intent Knowing where to draw a line Crucial Having the strength of a moments exchange redirected focus restores mangled beauty and does not allow hate to reign For so long hidden as dark is brought to light Where eyes recognize truth as it pours from lips Be a part of re-sculpting beauty Restoration of a Needed Kind or be bound by those old chains Sorry it has been so long! Miss you guys!
  2. She handles the dark like a maestro Commanding the violins and violas to move bow As her fingers curl around a moment that time cannot erase A smile broadens across a stark landscape and the drums begin to bellow to drive the movement as time stands still With fife raised to lips the high pitched tones decorate the moment festive and light While the cellos sad song rounds out that moment As a pinhole of light in a dark hermits lair
  3. A heart upon sleeve more precious than gold Handled with gentleness and grace for the human spectra does span greatly and my ears are tuned to receive kindness not hate For that, I do not apologize when the utmost honesty was conveyed crumpled up and thrown away So I will wait for you to see no lies did cross upon these lips My heart will walk alongside my mind as I move forward battling time
  4. That wolf did howl cast upon nights glare Scanning horizons teeth seething with primal form drool glistening against the stars heavied breathing reeling senses He enjoys the hunt held at the ready but when he is in doubt devours from inside out very few match his strength yet in this presence he cowers his ears and turns tail disappearing into the forest leaving only the prints of a failed hunt
  5. Raise voice to the heavens above Let it sound a quiet as love Dark consumes so be aware dance about without a care All of those struggles we feel Only seem... oh so real Push back the night shine through the day you'll make them all just fall away When things get strange and torn apart remember how you felt from the start Tell the heavens no way begin moving hand gesture a new sound with curves and lines write away the sands of time make it better sealed with love
  6. He looked upon himself as half the man in which the fury on thoughts devour as he lay in the empty valley No light was cast for him No, not for him Why could he not see the path? The fireflies did not shine in his world For had they, they would have lit the path to climb rooted stairs up the mountain side
  7. Delivered the message cutting through tumultuous times Just wanted to hear that message slicing through futures time precision aura hone riding the gases of absolute zero surfing the ice forming provider spinning the worlds of time waves of exchange they come to me In the beginning they were being pressed by outside forces so intense the pressure my brainiverse sprang into existence The heat of those moments attempting to push back the bitter cold For this my eyes cast The zoom tells of worlds not so distant that run through me searching for that next link that joins to make the fabric
  8. The air grew heavy laden with dust The sun was blocked with graying clouds For on this day the Stars shone bright releasing all their inner light With feet upon rocks the journey continued on this, the longest day Foraged through seas of people guided by the bass's undertow On into night, finally arriving No stars were left to light the night and the moon was calling for her reflection Suddenly they began to arrive the neon glow of Fire Flies They took to the sky owning her night lighting the paths Granting her sight
  9. This pigeon She flies upon broken wings wind underneath a world below Soaring about leading the flock senses keen delivering the message of lesser seen Ordinary greatness possessed within When she flies She Flies and upon return nestled and cupped in his hands
  10. Passions cauldron we stir Those flames that once consumed now fuels hunger and thirst for more It pushes us through the open doors He moves you all the right ways says all the right things in all the right ways The freedom to move to the songs came with a price and we've paid in full all along So we'll meet on the other side Where I know you'll confide your deepest desire you know the one that fuels the hunger and thirst for more pushing us through through those open doors
  11. Still look to the sky the wind as it churns heart as it burns Fanning the fire that you ignited Tending to embers of your leaving The hanging head of grieving They trail in the wind igniting a path through which we run Creating anew this light of passion Despite the burn replenishing buds amongst barren soil Let it be those Please, let it be those
  12. I stand here lighting...lighting the way They say their heaven's a place I can't stay Yet, I stand here lighting...lighting the way They say their heaven's a place I can't stay Someone to carry the weight someone to set things straight in your arms your know I will fall because our universe is oh....so...small So I continue to stand stand here lighting the way because their heaven is No place to stay
  13. Loved your last poem something firm, certain,and calm about it that I enjoyed. I do a bit of meditation also, sometimes it takes me to some wild places;)
  14. Effigies propped and paraded Examples of what could not be All meant to tell that story of what one can and cannot see They had no chance to turn around They went full force without that doubt Those misguided youth that you betray to make them run to you so in your arms they'll stay The darkness falls the curtain closes hearing the sounds of echo osmosis turning the page facing the fear Impart your voice to histories ear
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