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  1. Anyone know what type of staging to expect? End stage or center stage? Trying to figure out the best place for tickets in Philly.
  2. Just curious....I hesitated in getting tickets for the Muse show in NY. I went to see if there were any seats left and Ticketmaster isn't showing a thing. Does anyone know if that show sold out officially?? Ticketmaster is so picky, so it's hard to know if I should just stop trying to use the website and call, or if it's off to StubHub I go?
  3. Just curious....I hesitated in getting tickets for the Muse show in NY. I went to see if there were any seats left and Ticketmaster isn't showing a thing. Does anyone know if that show sold out officially?? Ticketmaster is so picky, so it's hard to know if I should just stop trying to use the website and call, or if it's off to StubHub I go?
  4. I finally got my presale code at about 1:15pm my time. But by the time I went on, I tried to buy tickets and I was only offered 2 sets before the ticketmaster site stated that "they were unable to process my request" Now all I am doing is playing with the reCaptcha "I am not a robot" game over and over again getting nowhere for the NY show. What is going on??!
  5. I was having a dilemma too....it asked me to enter my muse.mu member ID. I have no idea where to find that! I have been looking all over my account page. Can anyone point me in the right direction???
  6. Saw the show last night at the Prudential Center and it blew my mind!!!!!!! Do not be late because you will want to see everything from the very second of the beginning. It is truly an amazing show. One warning - They did NOT do an encore last night. I have no idea why, but in 5 Muse shows that was the first time.
  7. Curious what everyone thought of the concert last night?? I was shocked there was no encore! I thought the visuals were amazing...the music did not disappoint nor does it ever. I got my favorite ending of Knights of Cydonia. But I was so sad there was no encore...I wanted more! Does anyone else feel this way?
  8. Bummer that I am in section 115 because I will be alone too. But I love Muse so much that is it worth going alone to the concert!! I NEVER sit for a Muse concert and most people don't either, so expect to use your seat only while you wait for the band to come on stage or while the first act is playing and they clear down to set up for Muse. Inside the Wells Fargo is cool but not chilly. But once the concert starts and the dancing begins it warms up quickly! Since its January, Ill just stuff my jacket somewhere in the meantime. I wouldn't recommend standing on the seats. I have never seen it done there and will be probably very frowned upon. I am only 5'4" so I feel your pain, which is the reason I don't do general admission. The seats are slightly staged going up, so even if someone taller is in front of you, you can usually see in between or around them. If your near an aisle, you'll be golden!! Hope that helps....a Muse concert is a truly awesome concert experience!!
  9. I got my Philly ticket first during the presale. But with only 2 other close-by options I have been going back and forth between DC and Brooklyn. Brooklyn gives me a few days to soak in the goodness before doing it again. DC is the very next day which is hardcore Muse fan to me (not that it is a bad thing! ) I am torn on which second ticket to get. I liked the Amtrak suggestion to DC because that would avoid any potential weather issues as well as driving long distance. But I kinda prefer Brooklyn because I would like to try out the Barclays Center too. I am really torn!!! This is terrible having so little choices. I had planned to see them multiple times but we are so limited this round with dates in the US. I have to make the most of it! I might decide as things gets closer....stubhub can be a lifesaver sometimes!
  10. Last night was a great show!! Yes, this set list was not as magical as the second night at MSG. But everything was played great, sounded great and it was amazing to be there!! I will say that I did notice some issues with the CO2 cannons, the ones on the right side weren't always firing. But did that take away from the amazingness of the show, nope!! I love when Matt plays the piano and I got plenty of that last night. The crowd was amazing!! They were on their feet from the first song and rocked out the entire time. (Completely unlike MSG who did not in my section) Shout out to section 121!! I was hoping for Stockholm Syndrome on the roulette wheel and I got it!! WOOHOO, what a great live song. RIP Dom's drum I am drowning in Muse happiness right now....2 great shows in one week. I cannot wait until September! See you all in Philly!
  11. I was in row 6, along the aisle between 225 and 226. My legs were so sore from dancing the next day!
  12. Ok...I definitely don't understand Muse fans who are sitting calmly in their seats either. I was going absolutely INSANE from start to finish of that concert. I was jumping, singing at the top of my lungs and generally losing my darn mind!!! I was in section 225, and was the curvy girl with a long braid down her back dancing the whole time. I absolutely cannot help myself!! My section started off lame, with everyone sitting watching the show calmly and I kept looking around going, "this cannot be happening!!" But once Muse played the National Anthem, everyone stood up and stayed on their feet for the most part. There were a small group of guys in my section who were rocking out too, so that was a relief! But I am starting to think that I might want to abandon my seat tickets, and start doing GA tickets only now. I get seat tickets because I am so short, and I can never see in a pit. But the GA ticket holders were rocking the whole time. I need room to go crazy and dance when Muse is playing. I can hear Muse on my iPod anytime, but its the experience and the feel that makes me come to the concerts. To have the music reach deep down into my chest, and spread into every cell of my body. I need to move and celebrate the experience. Seats are just for the opening act and waiting for Muse to take the stage, then its just about holding my jacket! :LOL:
  13. MusersAdvocate - WOW!! Amazing shots....thanks for sharing!! I cannot wait to see them in the IZOD on Friday!
  14. Muse fans....prepare yourself!! I saw the concert last night at the MSG in NYC and it was mind blowing!!! I am so happy I bought more tickets because I need more Muse!!! I cannot wait to rock out with the fans on Friday night :D:D:D
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