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  1. To be really honest, I'm saying that as an entitled older fan. I know MUSE have their right to play what they want to whatever crowd they please. I was just super happy they played Bliss and expected more from Oos.
  2. Saw them yesterday here in Vancouver......great atmosphere but I was let down that they didn't play more songs from Oos or Absolution. I know its a Drones tour, but when I saw the Chili Peppers they played enough songs to please all fans. They only played Time is Running Out...I was expecting at least Hysteria to be thrown in there. They cock teased Oos with Bliss, and they didn't even play New Born.....
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if one of those people was me! I was on Chris' side too.
  4. I hate ranting, but I just feel alienated that they didn't play more of their older songs I know they're trying to promote the new album, but look at the Chili Peppers. Their setlist here was so diverse, and they played all the classics! Muse only played ONE song from Origin of Symmetry, and two songs from Absolution. I hate feeling a sense of elitism, but I just hate how the NEW Musers are just going to think MUSE is just an electronic pop band, when really, they have a wider sound than that...they played almost ALL of 2nd Law, and it would have been nice to see more songs from Origin or Absolution..... BTW, nice pictures! I was near the front in front of Chris, but too many tall people in front of me....
  5. I lot of the songs on 2L work really well live, I saw them in Vancouver two days ago....even Madness....yes Madness, and Follow Me. WOW what a song. However, I just can't find myself listening to them daily. I also feel Muse neglects the older fans. I know they want to promote the album more, but it just sucks that they only played Plug in Baby from OOS. A bunch of the new fans probably just think music is an electronic Rock Band.
  6. I honestly should have made more small talk with people around me....but I was more worried about being cold and trying to memorize lyrics. Oh well
  7. Sigh Now the rest of the week is going to be unparalleled, boring. I still can't get over the fact that little no people close to me (family and friends) don't listen to the music I do, namely Muse, yet I see so many cool cats lining up for this show. I need to make new friends lol...
  8. I'm sure the cellphone light thing is a common thing, but I'm so sure that the big brown guy in front of me was the one who started it, loud, but cool dude. https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=10152546814195788 I hope you guys can see that......
  9. Some old white dude shoved my cousin and I to move up....and another big, tall loud brown guy kept yelling stuff, he was cool though. But oh man....KOF was crazy.
  10. Slightly disappointed with Vancouver setlist. Only ONE song from Origin of Symmetry (Plug in Baby), only TWO songs from Absolution (SS, Time is Running Out). But overall it was a good show, good mix, could hear the bass.
  11. I was so pissed at the people around me....I understand if you're new to muse but what's the point of stranding in my way near the front if you don't know any songs , and looking at your phone the whole time?!
  12. Overall pretty good show, though they're losing their classical piano edge , going more for an electronic sound now
  13. They only played plug in baby from Oos, no hysteria or maps Though SS blew the roof....
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