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  1. Here's my video of when Matt came down to say hello to the crowd. Might wanna turn down speakers. Sound is awful! Â http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKo16KK2Gzs&list=UUyYJ-szsIlCq9BSBHN802Ig&index=1&feature=plcp
  2. Got a video of Matt's hand shake! Will try upload it later. Got TiRO, a bit of madness and Starlight but the sound is bloody awful!
  3. My first Muse gig and couldn't have asked for better! Got 2nd row and the perfect setlist! (Sunburn and TIRO) One of the stewards dropped a cup of water all over me, would have been lovely during the gig but it was before everything everything had even started! Saw Chris still had a few picks left on a mic stand at the end, asked the steward who dropped water on me would he be so kind as to grab them for me but no luck Still, what a great night! Didn't hear Dom mention the Aviva but *fingers crossed*
  4. Gutted I couldn't make the football either. Ballybrack is a bit of a trek and its my mates 18th what time are people planning on queuing to get to the front tomorrow?
  5. Gonna try and head to this football. No idea how to get there but if anyone is interested in meeting at the bus stop on O'Connel Street beforehand I'm sure we will find it?
  6. Can't wait for Saturday! I'm entrance 1 so should see a few of ye there! Girlfriend got a ticket too but may be different entrances, anyone know what its like to meet up with her once inside?
  7. When I gave the album a first listen through I couldn't help thinking "oh that sounds like queen" or "did Bono join Muse on the sly?" BUT that doesn't change how much I love the album, some songs are a bit meh (big freeze) but the good ones more than make up for that!
  8. I personally love this song and would have to agree with what people are saying about MoTP, it's not amazing! Follow Me is by no means the best song on the album (that title falls to Supremacy) but it is still great!
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