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  1. Ok, tomorrow is my 2nd and last visit after Cologne. Not sure how I feel about it, I just hope the crowd won't be as lazy as 3 weeks ago. Oh and please, I want to see Citizen live for the first fucking time. Somehow I always managed to visit the gigs with extra dull setlists.
  2. No worries, last time the German and Austrian gig's standing tickets were not sold out before 2 days after the regular sale.
  3. I forgot you have your own Ticketmaster page. Well it looks like I'll be there on friday at 10 a.m., again.
  4. How did you get tickets for both gigs? It always removed the Munich ones as soon as I switched to the Cologne gig, so I could order only one.
  5. I just fear that the crowd will be split up too much and won't go as crazy as with 'normal' stages.
  6. Will I be able to order 2 tickets for Cologne and 2 tickets for Zürich with my single pre-sale code? Or is it limited to one gig?
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