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  1. There are two separate sales pages - one for the enhanced/premium tickets (which are those prices) and one for regular tickets. Had no issue getting a GA ticket for London!
  2. It's now telling me my code is wrong?? Incredible...
  3. I will! Now just getting the Trafic Exceptionnel, not even the other error page... this is gonna be impossible :')
  4. Getting an error message here too, never even saw a 'box office will open' page... Guess this isn't going to work then -_-
  5. Glad I watched the first half of CHVRCHES' set before heading over to watch Muse's set from the back rather than going for a good spot. Even going in with low expectations, this was underwhelming The set length wasn't their fault - the festival only booked them for a 75-minute set - but the set list was. Playing Munich Jam and The Globalist when you only have so little time just doesn't make sense... but oh well
  6. It's the best way to go these days, who knows how they'll surprise me I've seen them six times since 2012 and think I've only had one gig without Resistance, a few more without Hysteria though (which I like better). Then again, I've also only seen Feeling Good once so I can't really complain
  7. Dutch radio station 3FM interviewed Hans-Peter about the new concert film: http://www.3fm.nl/nieuws/detail/364657 (in Dutch) The core bits are that he's the director of photography, they've already been filming in Amsterdam and Milan, and they will film more in Berlin (where they'll apparently be testing some new ideas) - so unlike Rome, it'll be made up of bits from different shows. He says about Rome: "That one was already awesome, but this film will crawl under your skin. It'll be more dynamic, heavy and more rock. It'll be more of an interpretation than a recording." They're also recording documentary parts for it, but he's not sure whether they'll be mixed in with the gig footage or a separate bit.
  8. Very pleased they've picked Corrino to record it. They've recorded a bunch of shows for a band I worked with and they always look pretty amazing - so even if it's a shit setlist, at least it'll look nice Guess they're probably recording tonight and tomorrow... Hope they pick some decent songs this time around.
  9. Yeah, I recorded it. Haven't had any time to edit it yet, but it'll probably be up on MuseBootlegs by Tuesday or so.
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