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  1. yeah, same thing will USA festivals, the line-ups will be announced next month.
  2. MUSE to do festival circuit in 2014 starting with Lollapalooza Brazil on April 5/6. The band will then head to USA for, most likely, Coachella on April 11-13 AND April 18-20 (Coachella is a 2 weekend festival, so MUSE would have to be in the USA for at least 2 weeks, maybe more than that). Now, there are other USA festival that they could play and those line-ups (including the official word on Coachella and Boston Calling) are to be announced next month. Another festival is Boston Calling in Boston at the end of May, and that line-up had 21 artists and lasts 3 days. Muse, if they do headline BC, will most likely end their festival circuit either right then and there, or head to EU for some festivals. Either way, MUSE will have the least amount of gigs in 2014 to they can start on their new album.
  3. Lollapalooza Brazil 2014 and Lollapalooza Argentina announced! MUSE will headline both Lollapalooza Argentina AND Lollapalooza Brazil this march/ april! This is the festival circuit of the 2nd Law World Tour, as well as MUSE are rumored to be headline Coachella in the USA in april as well along side LORDE and Arcade Fire. But those rumors are still to be true or not.
  4. yes, for the CT show, the seat map looked like this: With the grey section, meaning that section was blocked off.
  5. I was not there. sadly. COME BACK TO SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND PLEASE NEXT FALL. So, the venue was good too, i am seeing a few concerts there later this year.....I JUST CANT GET OVER THE FACT THAT I WAS NOT THERE
  6. wow. I am still wondering why they are coming back in the fall. I numbers are OK, i guess. COLDPLAY MX TOUR (which I saw) TICKETS SOLD/AVAILABLE AT END OF TOUR about 2,106,889 / 2,114,751 (99% of tickets sold) Grossing about $181,704,765. wow. muse has a long way to catch up to Coldplay's numbers.
  7. This: "Yeah, the movement's in motion with mass militant poetry..."
  8. SO muse august dates to be announced? or October USA dates?
  9. If the 2nd law tour is anything the TR tour, more US dates will be announced. NYC area, maybe barclays center in Brooklyn. as well as California and a few more canada shows. And Providence. please.
  10. But that Philly date is appearing everywhere, if you google 'Muse September 9, 2013', there are many sites that says that muse is playing the Wells Fargo Center on september 9th, 2013. the 2nd leg of the USA tour will, more likely, be announced, thats right, tomorrow.
  11. Isolated System Supremacy Map Of The Poblematique Panic Station Follow Me Supermassive Black Hole Plug In Baby Resistance Explorers Unintended Madness Animals New Born Big Freeze Save Me Time Is Running Out Knights of Cydonia ________________________ Unsustainable Uprising _________ Starlight Liquid State Survival My dream setlist.
  12. AHAHHAHHAHA More USA dates to be announced this week! I cant wait! Hopefully Providence, RI will be on the list! CONFIRMED CITIES SO FAR: Atlanta Denver I CANT WAIT :D
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