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    Muse is my biggest hobby. But I also do theater, and listen a lot of music. I also dance Just Dance 3 with my Kinect. Playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band is my thing. I have Xbox360 if you didn't know.
    I love travelling everywhere, espescially If somewhere is Muse gig coming up. Teehee. I travel a lot to Stockholm and Tallinn. There is nothing ''special'', I just do that. It's nice. Especially in Stockholm.
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    I'm still in secondary school, but after that I would like to go to High School and move to Helsinki.
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    Muse, Rammstein, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Green Day, M.I.A., Santigold, Lady GaGa
  • Favourite Films
    All Saw movies, house of 9, Puss In Boots, Rock Of Ages
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Big Brother (Finland), Salatut Elämät, Friends, South Park, Phineas & Ferb
  • Muse Releases Owned
    -Showbiz CD
    -OoS CD
    -Hullabaloo CD's
    -Absolution CD
    -BHaR (Jewel case) CD
    -The Resistance CD+DVD
    -The 2nd Law CD+DVD
    -Hullabaloo DVD's
    -Absolution tour DVD
    -Muse 2010 Programme
    - Q Muse in it
    - Soundi Muse in it
    - Muse- inside the Muscle Museum book
    - One ticket from Muse concert (2010 Helsinki)
    -6 posters+ lot's of pictures
    -Muse Puzzle
    - 3 shirts
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    19.7.2010, Kaisaniemi Park, Helsinki, Finland
    10.12.2012, Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland
    13.12.2012 Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia
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  1. Hi, Muser! I wish you very very Happy Christmas and Pwoper New Year. Cheers! :D

  2. hey muser! happy merry christmas! i hope you have a really good time. best wishes:D

  3. NICE!!!! i want to go and see them, but idk if they will come, i hope they come to mexico! :D

  4. Ur learning German?! Wow, ull have to teach me! We have Spanish at my school and I didn't know we had it until my friend told me. It's kinda too late to take it now. Maybe next year. :)

  5. I'm gweat! Going to Stockholm tomorrow. That's nice. :) And I suck to play guitar too. LOL I can't play anything.

  6. Oh lol. I can't be here. I'm ''learning'' German at school. haha. And I don't know about that Dommeh thing :D

  7. LOL, I like how there only one post for KarlaCantu and the rest r from me. ♥

  8. LOL. How come u spell Dom "Dommeh"? Sorry, just courious. :D

  9. hey muser! how is it going?:D

  10. I don't know? Maybe 'cause there is more funny stuff between Matt and Dommeh :D great stuff.

  11. Oh really? Why is it better then The Resistance? :)

  12. Yeah, you should watch it. It's great :D Even better than making of The Resistance.

  13. Oh thats a cool name! :D I thought I would just watch the making of The 2nd Law on YouTube. :)

  14. Yeah, it's making. My name is Pinja :D

  15. Oh I don't have the DVD. It's just the making right? Btw what's ur name? Mines Hannah. :)

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