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  1. Origin Of Symmetry > Showbiz > Absolution > Resistance > Black Holes And Revelations > The 2nd Law
  2. -Generic chord scheme on repeat. -Really badly done choir. -Absolutely terrible lyrics. -Drags on. -Guitar "solo" which is the most generic thing I have ever heard. -Loses momentum very fast. -"Epic" note at the end is not really that epic.
  3. I have the right to say anything I want. So yes, my name is created from two mediocre songs, does that say anything about me?
  4. So yeah, I'm missing a couple of songs and early version/special version: A America Apocalypse Please (Early version) Assassin (Early version) B Back In Black Backdoor Bliss (Ohne Titel) Boredome C Crazy Days Cut Me Down (Battle Of The Bands 1994) D Dark Shines (Early version) Dead Star (Early version) Dracula Mountain E Emotion Coming (Battle Of The Bands 1994) F Falling With The Crowd Feed Forameus Fury G Glorious ("New One" version) H Hidden Track Hyper Music (I Don't Love You) Hyper Music (Early version) Hysteria ("New One" version) J Jigsaw Memory M Micro Cuts (Early version) N New Born (Early version) O Osaka Jam P Plug In Baby (1997 Demo) Plug In Baby (Early Live Versions) R Rain S Screenager (Early version) Sling The Small Print (Early version) Soaked Spiral Static (Early version) Stockholm Syndrome (Early version) Sunburn (Early version) T Take A Bow (Early version) W Weakening Walls (Battle Of The Bands 1994) What's He Building In There Where The Streets Have No Name Who Knows, Who Cares (Battle Of The Bands 1994) Does anyone have any idea where I could find any of these?
  5. Instead of being off-topic here, you could open a "please give me attention"-thread somewhere else. This song still isn't growing on me and I don't think it ever will. I think I have listened to it about 26 times now.
  6. Well the version I downloaded looked like it was legitametly from the album (320k bitrate) and what I thought was mislabed to be the 3th song, I had to manually change it to be the 2nd song. Maybe there is a song between Supermacy and Madness. Maybe it is a two-piece.
  7. Well for me I can certainly say that I don't like it, and I think it's one of the worst songs Muse has ever done. The whole album has been very disappointing so far. This song reminds me most of Endlessly, with I Want To Break Free as guitar "solo". Oh and hi! I am maybe less new then I look to be, I have been lurking around this forum for the past few months without registering.
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