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  1. Oh super Ja also bei einem Stehplatz ist es mir ja eigentlich egal, welches Ticket ich am Ende hab. Den Rest besprechen wir dann am besten per PN Aber vielen Dank schonmal! Ich dachte eigentlich, am 28. kommt das Album und der Auftritt beim Frühstücksfernsehen, aber letzteres ist jetzt wohl doch am 21. oder wie? Naja, ich gucks eh jeden Tag (aber immer nur die erste Stunde, darum werd ich den Auftritt eh verpassen... naja, gibts ja alles danach in der Mediathek ) Oh Mann, ich bin schon aufgeregt wegen Donnerstag, obwohl ich gar nicht dabei sein werde...
  2. Hallooooo Da komm ich ja gerade rechtzeitig zum neuen Thread! Ich freu mich schon auf eure Berichte aus Köln Mensch, der 28. wird so ein toller Tag Soreia, du hattest geschrieben, du hast Tickets für München übrig... Ich hätte Interesse an einem, könnte es dir aber erst Anfang Oktober abkaufen... Also nur falls du sie nicht anders loswirst, schon klar dass du sie lieber gemeinsam verkaufen würdest
  3. Okay... here comes my life story It was in 2006, 2007 I think, and I had this program on my PC which could download any free MP3 files off the internet (I have no idea how it worked, but.. it worked). So, someone mentioned the name Muse or I read it somewhere, I don't remember, and since I typed literally EVERY band name I heard into this program, I typed in Muse and the first result was Hysteria. I listened to it and I really loved it, which was weird because I didn't even like rock music at this time (I had my R&B phase... ) So Hysteria became my new favourite song and I didn't even want to listen to other Muse songs because I loved Hysteria so much. However, one day I looked for other songs and I found Time Is Running Out, which I loved as well. Unfortunately, at this time (I was like 14 or something?) I had no idea how to download whole albums and I had no money, so I listened to these 2 songs over and over again. Later, I finally managed to get more songs, like Bliss, Falling Away With You, Butterflies & Hurricanes, and many more, I think I had the whole Absolution and BH&R albums and I started to really like this band and rock music in general. Then... I heard about this movie called Twilight... and some friend of mine forced me to watch it, though I KNEW I won't like it, and yeah... I heard SMBH and I fell off my chair. After this, somehow I was ashamed to like Muse - I really don't know why I acted so stupid, but whenever someone asked me "Hey, do you like Muse, this band who made this cool Twilight song?" I said "Not really, I only like a few songs"... (I still was 15, ok?) Later in 2010 I gave myself a new try and listened to BH&R. And... did you ever listen to a song and suddenly fell in love with it, though you have listened to it a few times before and only found it "ok"? That's what happened to me with Starlight. I really don't know why I didn't hear the beauty of this song before, it was a whole new situation and it's still my favourite song of all time, there are so many memories involved and Starlight is just MY SONG. This was the start where I really considered myself a Muse fan. I listened to all the other albums, B-sides, watched concert videos, ... and from the 5 studio albums, there are only 3 songs that I don't like very much and the rest is just perfect for me. This band just can't disappoint me and I truly love everything they do. ...I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE 2ND LAW :awesome:
  4. I would love to go there but after the concert there is no train driving me back I am from Nürnberg... so is there anyone from my direction going to the gig with the car who could possibly take me? That would be SO great!!
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