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  1. I said Panic Station at first. After the video's from E-Werk, I now choose Supremacy.. And THEN Panic Station!
  2. Oh my god. I can't explain how happy this makes me... I've wanted to see them for 9 years, since I was 7, according to mam I was always "too young" and was allowed go. NOW I'M ALLOWED. Ooh, I hope they make it official soon!
  3. but aside from my not so very high hopes. I do hope to be pleasantly surprised by the album, and find myself quite excited about hearing 'Panic Station'
  4. Oooooh I hope that's the same with my uni :) Well, I'm hoping to do Digital Media Design :happy:

    Bahahaha omg I know, it's most definitely going to be comedy gold "I need to loooooooovvveeeee" *a load of SWAT teams going crazy* :chuckle: Muse never cease to amuse me... Oh did I say amuse? I meant amaze! :LOL::D

  5. I'm so excited for uni, a bit scared though, if I get in next year, I'll be 17, I'll probably be the youngest.. But that means I'll be 21 with a masters degree, I'd like to have that at a young age :happy:

    Hehe I do too, there's Tennant, Cumberbatch, Hiddleston.. Oh, there's loads :chuckle:

    Ahhh I see, I agree with you, it doesn't seem very worthy of being the first single in my opinion.. It's not bad, but.. It's definitely not their best :'| I love the ending though, great harmonies! :)

  6. After listening to it well over 20 times since yesterday, I can say I don't love it, but I do like it! Not a fan of the start/solo (just my opinion) but I reaaally like the ending!
  7. Ahhh that's nice :) Oh I know the feeling, back to school next week, it's my last year before uni so I can't wait to finish! :')

    Awww :chuckle: I'm not as obsessed with him as I used to be, he's just so lovely! :happy:

    Nooo, I haven't heard it yet, I thought it was being released at 7:30 tonight?!

  8. I read all the books as I didn't really have anything else to read at the time, they didn't leave a lasting impression.. That says it all really and I really don't like the movies. And I was a huge Muse fan since the age of 7 so thank goodness for that! :')
  9. Ooooh where were you on holidays? :) Hehe aww thank you, I quite like it too :') Aww I love him too, David is a sweetie! <3

  10. Hyper Chondriac Music I used always skip it and go for Hyper Music instead (I'm literally in love with the Wolstenbeasts bass playing in it) but for the past few days I've been listening to Hyper Chondriac Music and thinking to myself "well, I'm never skipping this again!"
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