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  1. Not even something new to be honest. The idea of making a Muse musical has been in the air before.
  2. I honestly thought I was the only one who thought this.
  3. I've found myself listening to this song on it's own for the first time today. For some reason parts of it get stuck in my head.
  4. I can't listen to Big Freeze. There's just something I have against it that I can't put my finger on. I have something against anyone who says Isolated System too. Isolated System is a apocalyptic masterpiece. I guess it takes an imagination to fully appreciate it though, considering the music tells a story.
  5. It's growing on me a hell of a lot more to the point where I can consider it a masterpiece. It's the main song I listen to at the moment.
  6. Showbiz Drones = BHAR Absolution OOS The Resistance 2nd Law To be fair I'm counting b-sides in my head a little, which is part of the reason I'm such a Showbiz fanboy. The gap between Absolution and BHAR is really small though.
  7. I kept thinking it was troll whenever Matt said "you're not a drone" during Revolt.
  8. I went back to double check. I just have a thing against Big Freeze that makes my brain just scream skip this shit every time I play it.
  9. I personally imagine the tremolo being global nuclear war and the first bomb was when it got louder. I'm assuming global nuclear war with nukes going off all over the place doesn't really last long, which is why that section would be short. Then of course it would cut to post-apocalypse with the whole piano thing. I really hope there's some good imagery if they do a lyric video of it, I was kind of disappointed by The Handlers lack of imagery during the solo which it really needed. Then again it is just a lyric video.
  10. Buckerss


    Anyone else reminded of the This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars during the prechorus? It's a lot less heavy and a lot more happy sounding, but for some reason I can't help but think of that. Maybe it's the phrasing of the lyrics.
  11. Track 1: Take a Bow Track 2: Bliss Track 3: Sing for Absolution Track 4: Reapers (Hyper Music as main runner up) Track 5: Cave (The Handler as main runner up) Track 6: Showbiz (Pretty much all the other options as main runner up) Track 7: Assassin Track 8: Butterflies & Hurricanes Track 9: The Globalist Track 10: Hoodoo Track 11: Knights of Cydonia Track 12: Ruled by Secrecy Working out which ones I preferred was a damn nightmare. Especially track 4 5 and 6. I had to put the runners up in brackets because I felt bad for not including them.
  12. Seems like this might end up like Hoodoo. People start off disliking it, but it slowly starts becoming a cult classic among the more well versed Muse fans.
  13. Does anyone know the lyrics? I'd probably enjoy it more if I could actually make out what Matt was saying half the time. All I hear is "Killed by drones" "Mother" "Father" "Brother" "Are you Dead Inside?" "Amen"
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