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  1. Is anyone interested in buying standing tickets or swapping their seated ticket for a standing? I have 2 standing tickets but I'm going alone in the end and I'd rather swap ticket types… Hit me up thank you! diane_didenko@hotmail.fr
  2. Don't know about the doors.. Me and my friends are gonna look around where people are waiting already and could aslo ask the staff for clues I created a facebook page for that event, and people kinda decided that they're gonna bring lots of ballons, with confettis in addition. A banner would've been amazing but we'd need help, and we unfortunately didn't find yet. Anyway we planned to have millions of balloons. So start already buying some packs, and confettis if you find ! Wishing you luck for your finals, Hope to see everyone with packs of balloons and cool stuff ! ♥
  3. Well then do you have Twitter ? Or Tumblr ? And yeah indeed a banner would be impressive, but I guess it's the most complicated to get. Unless someone taking part of that project would help us by knowing something or someone to help us get that banner. We'll keep searching
  4. You're right ! Ok so the facebook event is created ! Click here. I really hope to get as many people as possible ! If you could spread around that'd be really nice ! Thank you !
  5. Well I wouldn't care about my clothes during a Muse gig, you know what I mean. There's a lot more to care about. I'm sure people would love it ! And I guess confettis doesn't really bother, I mean have you seen gigs such as Coldplay and cie, they all throw confettis all over the stadium Then the fact that those in Paris use balloons doesn't mean we're not allowed to do it anymore, does it ? Balloons are used in every concerts buddy ! but thousands of colorful ones would look SO COOL I'm sure lots of people are up to do it, it's only having fun, in a way to remember it as a common fun, something we'd have built together. I don't know I think it sounds really great to do, but we have to find people who don't firstly care about how the staff will manage to clean up, but about how to enjoy such a precious moment as much as possible ! Do you have anything else to suggest, maybe there's cool things to do that I haven't thought about yet, I 'd like to know what !
  6. So guys, Here's an idea we have to achieve as fast as possible, because we only have like 40 days left. We'll need as many people as possible. We want that gig to be memorable in our men's heads, and in ours too. Here's our first suggestions : - huge banner saying "THANK YOU" or "THE 2ND LAW TOUR" etc.. (rather short to be easier) - colorful powder to throw in the air ALL TOGETHER THAT'D BE BEAUTIFUL - could be replaced by confettis - Or millions of colorful balloons (what a GOOD IDEA) - and more of your ideas are welcome ! Think about how fun it'd be ! And it's really easy to get some pack of balloons/confettis/powder per group of people. I think at least 5-6'000 people participating would look really good (as the stadium contains around 40'000.. places). SPREAD THE WORD We are counting on you all. I know lots of you guys will participate and I already imagine it. Tell me if you have a comment to do, or if you have other ideas, or just to say YOU WILL JOIN US, won't you Love you guys see you on June 15th and I hope lots of you will be part of us ! ♥ my email address : diane_didenko@hotmail.fr or Twitter : D_eadStar
  7. Salut ! J'habite pas loin de Vevey, à la frontière du canton de Fribourg. Je vais au concert, mais j'ai prévu de prendre le train. C'était simplement pour t'avertir que le voyage en voiture risque d'être peu pratique. Je crains qu'il y aura des bouchons par-ci par-là.. Tu as des places assises ?
  8. I'm attending to this gig ! OMFG OMFG OMFG I wanted to know if anyone else here are going. CHEERS !
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