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  1. It's definitely not the most complicated song on th album, but one of my faves. Sounds like a mix of early Muse and the best bits of The Resistance (that's a great thing for me).
  2. I feel like the people on this forum never take into account that for many people seeing Muse, it's their first time, and those people would probably be pissed about not seeing, for example, Uprising live. Not everyone has the ability to see Muse over and over again and be bored of those songs.
  3. The outro on the studio version, especially the way it slowly builds up, reminds of RATM's Freedom even more than the live outro did. Not necessarily a bad thing though.
  4. 1. New Born 2 to 5 (in no order) Plug in Baby Survival Showbiz United States of Eurasia 6 to 10 (no order) Dead Star Con-Science Bliss Citizen Erased Knights of Cydonia
  5. Sounds great, especially the "connecting with the fans" part. I loved teh Sherperd's Bush gig, so if they base their shows on that energy and music, I can't complain:D
  6. 1. Supremacy 2. Supermassive Black Hole 3. Panic Station (Another One Bites The Dust outro) 4. Time Is Running Out (House Of The Rising Sun intro) 5. Hysteria 6. Bliss 7. Dead Star (Micro Cuts outro) 8. United States Of Eurasia 9. Sunburn (Preceded by Con-Science's first verse and chorus) 10. New Born 11. Animals 12. Madness 13. Starlight 14. Muscle Museum 15. Hyper Music 16. Plug In Baby 17. Stockholm Syndrome 18. Take A Bow Encore 19. Uprising 20. Citizen Erased 21. Knights Of Cydonia (MWAH intro) Encore 2 22. Showbiz 23. Survival
  7. After the guy said Madness was shit, Matt replied "we'll play it then, if you think it's that good". And he didn't say anything about Bush, he said something about the gig (sherperd's bush xD)
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