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  1. Great gig:D The visuals were also pretty cool with Panic Station as a highlight(Mark Rutte & Angela Merkel . I lol'd so hard at that:LOL: I really missed Dead Star tho, that song has SO much energy live! Btw, is anyone else pretty bummed matt doesnt do the awesome blackout solo ala Wembley 2007 anymore? He needs to play more guitar!
  2. Emirates Stadium is 41,9 meters tall and the Amsterdam Arena has a height of 78 meters. So yeh quite a bit taller:) From what i've heard theyve made some adjustments to the roof to improve acoustics during concerts. I think that's the reason why they close the roof during concerts here.
  3. karinvisser from Harlingen, the Netherlands Entrance G Elenor form Amsterdam, the Netherlands Pip and Tasha (daughter), from the UK. Standing. Both entrance J. Mandela70 (Barbera) from Austria Blisshysteria76 (Petra) from Berlin, Germany H4N5 from Nijmegen, Entrance G StratosNL from Ouddorp, the Netherlands F-JD from Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Entrance G MuseNL86 from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Entrance J I'll be coming with my sister and her bf. At this moment idk if I'll be able to queue early:p
  4. Great gig, was standing somewhere in the middle, particularly liked Animals, was really impressed with the live version:). The overall lighting was also really impressive imo. Can't wait to see what they do with the Amsterdam Arena gig and stadium tour in general. On a sidenote, ziggodome should hire more ppl for the cloakroom. Took forever to get my coat back:rolleyes:
  5. Thought I'd post this here now ppl will soon be queing for the concert. I'll prolly be there in an hour or so. Can't wait:)
  6. Correct, I remember I was following the match live on radio 1 while queing for the concert. I think I was the only one. I'm guessing Musers in general aren't that much into football. I think I'll be there around 15:00.
  7. Nice:) I got 3 tickets for Amsterdam Arena as well, If Muse wouldve skipped our country in the summer stadium tour, I wouldve definitely gone for the emirates gig. Seems like a great venue
  8. Yes, that. Smile and wave at eachother:LOL: The queue for Goffertpark wasn't that impressive and iirc i was there only 2 hours before the gates opened, there were only like 200 ppl maybe(50.000+ venue).
  9. Hmm.. I do hope his broken foot will heal quickly, I wouldn't be surprised if they cancel this concert as well...I hope not, been looking forward to this, especially since i got my tickets yesterday:(
  10. I'd go for standing, the vibe is totally different from seats and the arena doesn't have a great reputation for concert sound quality, so better to be on the pitch.
  11. Same here, didnt get them today so im guessing tomorrow. theres a lobby where you can leave your coat for free, no need to pay. There are also lockers for bags and stuff, you can rent those for €2.
  12. Got 3 standing tickets:) Was surprised tho they were the most expensive, €65, but totally worth it ofcourse:p
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