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  1. I have no problem calling shit music shit, here let me show you You know that Radiohead album King of Limbs, it's shit, just like Kid A And butthurt is not the word, I'm literally stunned that people like this album, I can't wrap my head around it and I've listened to it several times now, it's not good
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself, although as a certified pretentious knob I probably could have, and for everyone waiting for Melon's review, if he even does review it, I predict it coming in low with a srong 4/10. He's gonna have to buy a new shade of red shirt for this album
  3. I Belong to You Follow Me Explorers Save Me Liquid State Unsustainable Sign of the Times cover Psycho (mainly because of the tacky Drill Seargent bits) Mercy Revolt Aftermath The Globalist Drones New Kind of Kick Pressure (if this song had a solo and a less repetitive last chorus it wouldn't be on this list) Propaganda Something Human Thought Contagion Get Up and Fight Dig Down As well as any type of prelude or spoken word segments like the JFK speech before Defector I'm not saying some of these aren't good songs, I'm saying Guiding Light is better than all of them
  4. Was about to say this was years ago and nothing ever came of it unfortunately Also I believe that extra bit he used to play in Citizen Erased evolved into Supremacy They've written at least 20 songs in the years since Guiding Light has been released that are not as good as Guiding Light I'm ready to name them if you think I'm kidding
  5. Okay well if you're basing it on quality of material overall, Muse have been spotty at best for the last ten years, AM you could make the argument didn't start to produce boring music 'til this last go around, and even then the last album is still pretty interesting even in its low points And for the record this is not me saying I don't think Muse is great, clearly they are, just that they've gotten comfortable and it shows in their work
  6. The problem with this argument is that live shows are built around satisfying the largest portion of the audience as possible, the mainstream if you will, the crowd that's there because they liked what they heard on the radio. If you were to take BOTH Muse and AM and do shows based purely on what the hardcore fans wanted to see, I'm sure there would be an even mix of songs from every album regardless of how many albums each band has in their discography Also you wanna talk snooze-fest, don't get me started on Unintended
  7. This album would be good if you were friends with Matt and one day he was like let me show you some demo's I've been working on, that way you could convince him to throw away half the album and rework the other half before things got serious
  8. Yeah they do, they just don't play Muscle Museum or Showbiz b/c they THINK people don't want to hear them when they very much DO... Also AM have a large number of B-Sides too (that they also don't play live for whatever reason) so that point is kinda moot, although both bands have severely dropped off in terms of producing extra content (and before someone chimes in with bro haven't you seen the deluxe edition of ST, consider this: Glorious *mic drop*)
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