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  1. Ok, I know I don’t pop up here very often - life and kids get in the way these days. But as you can seee from my sig I’ve been into Muse since before even Showbiz was released, and am now nearly fifty. I rarely buy new music these days, concentrating on box sets of classic albums I used to love. I always swore I would never become irrelevant, never stop being adventurous when it came to music. But now I’m the kind of bloke who thinks a Timbaland is a wood. But modern music has left me behind. The last band other than Muse that still release music that I loved was Radiohead and they eventually left me behind with their new direction..... So when I started listening to this album, I was dismayed. Muse had changed direction and I HATED it. I actually said to my partner when heading out the door at 7am on Friday morning, that Muse had finally left me behind as I feared they would do. But I persevered. Because I refused to let them sail off into the sunset without attempting at least to join them. And you know what? I get it! I get why people hate this album but actually if you choose to give it a chance the hooks are still there. The melodies still are. And the lyrics are perhaps better than they have been for the last few albums. I think the emotional peaks and troughs are missing. There’s no “explorers” or “unintended” or “uno” or knights of cydonia”. No track that pulls out my inner angst or aggression. There’s no obvious brilliant guitar like on Drones. There is probably Matt's sickest guitar solo ever (on Break it to Me) but it’s well disguised. BUT - I think this is probably their most consistent album ever, and I really really like it.
  2. Actually it's not as simple as that. The seats at the O2 are extremely uncomfortable for anyone who is above 4ft 6 or who need a knee replacement (I qualify for both). In our case, block 112, I knew I would need to stand for some of it, and would need to sit for some of it (I'm recovering from an Achilles' tendon operation). I spoke to those around me before the gig and we all reached a consensus. I had asked the security guy if I could stand at the back (we were only one row from the back) and he told me no. He said that I should stand in my seat as it was encouraged and most do it anyway. So I did, and so did everyone around us. I had to sit down some times too, and my view was impaired during these parts, but I would never be arrogant enough to call someone an ignorant twat for not doing what I want to do. What gives you the right to be so condescending and unpleasant? I could argue that no-one goes to a muse gig to sit down, but I prefer to be understanding that everyone has different preferences and needs and not insult them because they aren't doing what I want them to do.
  3. I'm hoping my partner will be allowed to take small plastic ones in as she needs to hydrate. Won't be happy if she's not.
  4. We're in BK 112 - row Y Think that's pretty good but will need to check!
  5. Getting close now! Got VIP parking booked for a quick getaway should she go into labour mid gig If anyone sees an older gentleman (46) acting like a 15 year old mosher and pissing off the rest of the front row seated, and a very very pregnant lady with him then that's me! Gimme a wave! I was also the one pissing off the seated area at Brighton last year by being a one man mosh pit
  6. Our tickets haven't even dispatched yet!
  7. Well, here we are just a few weeks from the gig and reporting back on our situation. Pregnancy has gone well so far, but we have told the latest it will go before inducement will be 21st April and the chances are she (for she is a daughter, name of Lyra) will arrive a week or two before that. So this gig is very much hanging in the balance. Mrs Norwichred is still desperate to go but keep an eye on this thread if you have any interest in really good tickets and we'll keep you informed
  8. Thanks all for the congrats. Appreciate it very much. Shouldn't really say anything until 12 weeks I know, but was just so chuffed as if we'd have gone for standing we'd be in a right pickle. That being said, if the dates are correct then actually we won't be able to attend anyway. I'm thinking that at eight months pregnant (or even within weeks of her due date) she shouldn't really be going to a gig. We're first time parents though so don't really know. We'll seek advice but don't be surprised to see two top value seating seats being advertised on here in next few months......
  9. Well, we've just found out today that my partner is pregnant! Bloody glad we didn't get standing tickets now. Can you imagine a seven month pregnant lady in the mosh pit?
  10. I'm sure no-one will mind as I'm helping you out. A quick Apple maps search shows 2.7 miles. It's the same side of the river and quite a nice route although some of it is quite busy main road, and the traffic can be horrendous outside the O2 itself. You go past the cutty sark
  11. Sorry about the ME. I have Lupus so I kinda know a little bit but obviously Yours is far more severe. No it isn't within walking distance. We got a taxi to the O2 and shared it with some people we met in the hotel who were going to the same gig. It wasn't too expensive.
  12. Grenwich is a lovely hotel, but Lewisham is only one stop further on the DLR and half the price. We could have shared a taxi to the venue! Enjoy anyway - as I say Grenwich is a great hotel.
  13. Actually we were level four for Queen in January and the view was excellent! Got level one this time though.
  14. If anyone is looking for a good hotel deal, we're going to the O2 gig on Tuesday. Our usual hotel, London Grenwich (premier inn) was £300 for two nights including breakfast. Booked it, then checked Lewisham and that was £198 for two nights including breakfast! So £45 each per night, Well worth it!
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