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  1. as Invincible aswell. Actually most of the songs are somewhat political
  2. don't go to muse gigs in Germany if you want any rarities live They have played nothing special at lollapazoola yesterday okay the festival setlist is quite meh anyway There are better excuses to have fun in Berlin
  3. so how was falling away with you I've had my first gig during the resistance era sadly I could have had my first in 2006 but I did not manage to save up my pocket money then :'( 1.) Exo-Politcs 2.) Take a Bow 3.) Bliss ( they have played it 2013 for the first time since black holes and I was at the other gig) 4.) Butterflies & Hurricanes 5.) In your world But it is sad to see that Motp is not a regular song anymore plus let's guess which showbiz songs are going to be played during the drones era
  4. I only got tour specials like sunbrun during T2L and Cave during TR no Take a Bow, no Bliss, no B&H, no MK during TR etc. Germany rarely gets rarities
  5. I just was defending endlessly a bit the lyrics are not really dull thinking about it
  6. made it up for good it is very ''well'' composed to have financial success but I still feel like psycho was actually Matt slipping in a message about how warner is using the band now and owns their asses This album just feels rehashed and not even the handler feels like something new defector does feel like they try to immitate queen and revolt feels like a poprock song but at least less forced thand defector. Overall T2L brought us more fresher music. Not everything was perfect but the songs that have been good have been amazing additions to my muse playlist. I can enjoy Drones compared to other recent releases it is one of the stronger albums ( florence is more enjoyable for me though ) but compared to all the muse albums it seems lazy. Supremacy and Animals feel really amazing on TR the weakest song is Guiding Light but I still really enjoyable Oh and saying that they think of turning it into a musical just hits my nevere I HATE MUSICALS so I would rate it 6/10 because it is above average but nothing more. That said I will still go to concerts and sing along everythig except defector and get too much in singing Dead Inside than I would like to admit
  7. changed my mind on drones again worst muse album for me now Ther eare songs I like but it feels too Greendayish to me with that unignorable musical writing I thought I would like it more than T2L but that had pretty amazing tracks adding something new. Drones feels like a musical made rehash worst song for me are defector and revolt I'll hope for some b-tracks they recorded with mutt taped and tied up away from the studio
  8. not on abso but srsly smbh bf or exlprers? defector? ( I think of drones as an ending to globalist )
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