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  1. Yes and the U2 influence in Big Freeze is actually just the tip of the iceberg. They're ripping the shit off from literature/movie agenda as well by using the "Destroying something beautiful" meme from Fight Club. Not to mention TR, the whole thing is based on a fucking novel. The world is just full of innocent influences for someone impudent, someone like Muse to highjack. Better call Tyler Durden for a second opinion.
  2. Sometimes (during the late hours) I regard my sheer existence as a waste of time and space. But then I come to the Muse Board, and thread after thread, post after post I'm being reminded that hell, after all the shit we have to go through in our everyday lives, there's real beautiness behind it all, too. I don't need no religion, and I don't need no 20th century literature. All I need is a few clowns and then a few sharp guys reminding the clowns of what they are. There's something so human about it all... I can't put it into words. Other than, I love You guys. <3
  3. I think this would be a really really cool gig opener. Kind of the same way as We Are The Universe during TR tour. And after this Supremacy and then to the old material.
  4. Sick song. The riff... it's so fucking badass. And the strings... And Matt's vocals... The overall attitude... I mean... As for me, goes right next to Megalomania, New Born, CE, B&H, KoC etc. Perhaps even tops all of them (careful with this, though).. Anyways, one of the best ma'am, one of the best.
  5. Wow wow wow I'll be in Paris during that time (pure luck)... How hard is it going to be to get a ticket? They'll be sold out in like what, two seconds?
  6. How Muse was ever awarded for "Most Dedicated Fans", I'll never know.. Most of you people seem to be just complaining your asses off after every single release.. And I'm really beginning to get the vibe that it's not Muse's musical diversity that causes this effect, but the sheer collective immaturity of the - at least web active - fanbase.
  7. Imo Survival needs a music video in order to fully meet its potential, and I'm sure there'll be one too since it's the official olympic games song... So, what kind of vid would be cool? Something like KoC with a rather humorous approach, or something more 'serious', eg athletes in slo mo while MUSE and the choir descend from heaven? There's that one short clip where Micheal Phelps is roaring and showing off his muscular torso to the song.. that was pretty cool.. I have to say that previously I haven't been enjoying MUSE's videos so much (except New Born and Undisclosed Desires), but I hope that Survival will break the bank. Sorry if there's a thread similar to this already in the universe.
  8. The more i listen to it the more i'm digging it. Already experiencing light, satisfided headbanging.. excpecting some falsettos out of my mouth by the evening.. The thing is, though, the lyrics are too cheesy to actually sing out loud.. i can't pull them off.
  9. I honestly think this is going to be a massive hit once the olympics and all the fuss and the warm-hearted, if-you-really-really-believe-in-something,-wonderous-things-can-happen type of souls it drags with it takes over, which is quite an achievement from Muse since the song is at least 40% sarcastic and even self-ironic. And, even with the irony, it manages to maintain its epicness, in fact it even pushes the epicness further, almost over the top (the finishing falsetto scream {which is awesome} + the playful piano + the choir). I think the choir here is used only to highlight the irony (the hahaha of the beginning etc), and I actaully hope the album is going to include more choir sections and backings, cause I think Muse is but just the band for that kind of theatricality, and they can do some amazing stuff with it. Here the choir was just used in a rather humorous way. One of the most exciting and provocative parts of the song for me is Matt's voice during the 1st verse; it has a little hippide-hop type of swagger in it (especially during the parts 'pull ahead' and 'pace'.. listen to it, its magnifying) And then, when it slowly arises to the glory that the olympics represent, and finally OVER that glory, you can fairly say that Muse has done it again. The song successfully balances between the hypocracy and the bombast its theme symbolises. And it's not like the literature of the 21st century where the author debates with his own fucking characters, nothing of the kind. Perhaps the only thing that I was left to wait was the "radically different" sound of Muse that they've advertised in a few interviews. I mean, this is basically a continuation (excluding the lyrics) from what we heard in the latter part of Resistance. But, if the album trailer sticks to it's guns, we'll get that new experimenting stuff too when the time comes. So psyched to be a Muse fan! The most innovative band ever (that still makes good music)!
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