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  1. Blockades,as many have said,feels like the Exo-Politics/Small Print/Defector song on the album; the one heavy,generic track. It's very good.but just that. Not exceptional.
  2. I wouldn't call it "awful". Not my thing,but it's fun to listen to. It's like a poppier,sexier Supermassive Black Hole (yeah I know how that sounds).
  3. I guess now that the "hype" has died out a little bit I can post my own "review": Algorithm - A great opener. Very distinctly "Muse" even though it's just synths. This is like Take a Bow's chiller brother,lol. But it does feel a little like it has more potential. 7/10 The Dark Side - Really like it,and also really like how coherent it is with the one before it in terms of sound (a bit of a theme on this album,which is good). But,another theme with this album... it feels like it could have been even better. 7/10 Pressure - Great guitar riffs wasted in a cringe-fest of power pop. It's fun,but bland. I won't find myself listening to it much. 5/10 Propaganda - PWO-PWO-PWO-PWO-PWOPAGANDA. That. I never expected I'd like a "Prince meets Daft Punk" song,but hey it's fun and it's not as bland as Pressure. 6/10 Break It To Me - If Disturbed and Tom Morello collaborated on a song for Justin Timberlake. It's weird,it's new,but I don't think I'll find myself listening to it much. 5/10 Something Human - Cringe. 2/10 Thought Contagion - Oh what could have been... the guitar riff is almost Danzig-like sludge,but then all the synths and the power pop come in and I'm like... meh. 5/10 Get Up And Fight - Cringe v2. I get what it's about but... this is a bad radio pop song,regardless. 1/10 Blockades - This one I like. Sounds like an Absolution B-side/leftover. A little too "Muse by numbers" as most have said,however. 7/10 Dig Down - Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-minging. I had forgot it ever existed. 1/10 The Void - Great stuff,very Bond movie-esque. Brilliant closer but not one for casual listening. Just like Break It To Me,I think I'll have forgotten about it once the hype dies down. 6/10 Overall... yeah not great. Surely feels more "authentic" than T2L and Drones,and more like a continuation of what they started with Black Holes. I feared it would be their worst album when Dig Down et al were released... but turns out it's actually alright. Not on par with the "trinity" (OoS,Absolution,Black Holes) however,surely not.
  4. If this album was Judas Priest's discography... this would be Turbo. That's how I see it.
  5. Well they do constantly rate random emo-core bands as the "best new thing in heavy music" so yeah,there's that. /*Off Topic mode off*/ I'm really surprised Propaganda wasn't the lead single. It's a very "radio" song... More so than TC or The Dark Side.
  6. I don't know if anyone posted this (neither do I know exactly how or where I should post it) but... new album review. This one seems like it's actually taking the piss,though,even if Loudwire is a serious site (that primarily focuses on heavier stuff,though). http://loudwire.com/muse-simulation-theory-album-review/ Dig Down "ominously heavy" apparently,according to this guy here...
  7. Yes to a Muse power metal album. Definitely think they can pull it off. Technically they do already have a power metal song,even (one with power metal elements,to be more precise)
  8. Couldn't bear listening it in its entirety and immediately removed it from my phone. This is SO bad... Basically the Revolt/Big Freeze of the album,yeah. Awful.
  9. The robot bits are hilarious,actually. The rest of the song is basically Dead Inside 2.0... or at least I feel that way.
  10. Actually,if the guitar riff was less funk and more distorted,this would also sound a lot like funky Disturbed,lol. Especially the "Break it to me" whispers are kind of Draiman-ish to me when put in that context. But yeah,good song. Sort of has a Black Holes meets Panic Station vibe to it.
  11. Showbiz: Sunburn OoS: Citizen Erased Abso: Stockholm Syndrome BHaR: Map of the Problematique TR: Exo 1 T2L: Isolated System Drones: The Handler
  12. TSP has a solo? Not listened to that song in like 4 years...
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