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  1. Wait, wait, wait... isn't the same person who told us off for talking about Drones and Abso the same one that's now made like 13 posts in here about Arctic Monkeys?
  2. Well, that's certainly part of the parcel. I just can't think of a reason to be doing things the way they're doing if it isn't because they think they need long term exposure. And it fits with Matt talking about lessening the impact of guitar in his music because "that's the way things are going" instead of a person desire to try something new. Another option of course is that other bands are doing quite a lot of this "very early singles before album" thing (although not quite on this long of a time line) but those bands (the ones I'm thinking of) tended to release songs earlier and more often because they were touring the entire time. I kind of expected that's why Dig Down existed for Muse, but then TC threw off that theory. I know Matt's said he wants to release the "topical" songs while they're still relevant... but really, the topics aren't ones that are going to be irrelevant by the end of the year, and I want to hope Matt's not that naïve to think otherwise. The songs really aren't that "topical" either, tbh. A bit vague to be such.
  3. I'm not saying I don't think they could use a break (although they're at an age where that might be problematic on its own) just that we're in an era where people's memories are getting shorter and shorter. Or I guess, rather, attention spans. And it goes along with their trying to appeal to more "modern" genre fans, ditching guitar, etc. We've known for a while they're courting new and more casual fans instead of their "hardcores" and the former need more consistent reminders.
  4. I think it's definitely to stay in the public eye, and all the weird social media promotions as well. They aren't at a period in their career where they can afford to risk people forgetting about them.
  5. You applying to be a mod? Let's make an album comparison thread so we can break up the conversation even further... At this point the board might as well be broken down into 2 threads: "Muse stuff" and "other stuff" for all the activity it gets. Breaking up a conversation into different threads is just ludicrous at this point.
  6. Didn't T2L rotate Feeling Good and Explorers with Sunburn, too? I'd rather just have the same good setlist at every single gig than play the odds of getting the one rare or fan favorite song in a rotation like that.
  7. I don't think a band should ever tailor their setlists to fans who travel to see multiple shows. They're a vast minority of attendees, and really don't deserve anything special; having more money and free time doesn't make you a better fan than someone else. I always thought it was pretty hilarious that most of the people bitching at how "entitled" fans are for wanting one damn rarity at their gig were typically the same fans that went to dozens of gigs a tour.
  8. To go against the entire premise of the game? I'm confused.
  9. Barrier walks are great... for the handful of people on the barrier. For the rest of us, it's long minutes where the person singing the song isn't visible. It's not very engaging, as a whole. @Jobby, I didn't see the need to constantly be doing something on stage, btw: (Go in like 40-50 seconds or so.) Watching Matt literally stare at his shoes for minutes on end is PAINFUL live. Awkward as fuck, no energy or charisma whatsoever. Then he slaps a guitar on, and although he's basically acting the same, it feels normal. This is why he shouldn't be so eager to drop that guitar... not some notion that they need to be a "rock" band or anything. He needs to figure out how to be entertaining/engaging to pull this off.
  10. Just taking a look at this game you're talking about, isn't the premise that they're songs that anyone should recognize, not stuff only hardcore fans of one particular band would know?
  11. I rarely see a band enough times to make "rotating" setlists a concern of mine. And the one I have seen a ton in a short period of time does little rotating, but puts enough sincerity and spontaneity in the performance that I haven't gotten bored of it. That's also sorely lacking with Muse, unfortunately, and it's gotten a lot worse over the years. Red Rocks was a good gig, but the performances didn't hold a candle to the T2L tour, imo. There's also the unfortunate fact that I've found Muse's singles rather offputting for the most part, since they're a band with enough diversity that they're not representative of their body of work, or even the album they're on. At least the singles the US gets, and they keep in their sets. The ones I do like, like DI, get removed during their own album cycle... There's only so many times I can see Starlight, Uprising, Madness, SMBH, etc considering I never cared for them in the first place, and the band like Tjet said, is cutting down their set lists in addition to removing anything that could be considered old or a "deep cut" so you're kind of just left with the chaff. Especially in the US. I guess my point isn't that they need to rotate songs during the same tour, but that if they're playing basically the same set album cycle after album cycle, there's no amount of window dressing that's going to class that up for me. That said, they played a lot of new stuff on the Drones tour, and I wish I got to see that with a better stage set up, because the low energy 360 deal was a vibe killer. And that playing these special "for the real fans" gigs, and then doing so few of them with tickets that are impossible to get ahold of, seems to just make me more angry with the whole thing.
  12. I really enjoyed my last gig, but I also got TaB and B&H, there was a stretch of Hysteria/BH/PiB/SS that was stellar, and it was at fucking Red Rocks. And still, for a lot of the second half of the set, I was enjoying the scenery more than I was paying attention to the gig. I was a little worried that I'd overhyped the venue too much throughout my life, but it was amazing. And even then, we only went to the gig because we happened to be taking vacation there at that time, and only had to leave one day early to get there. I certainly don't regret going (especially because it was part of a week long vacation that was also amazing and I didn't go just for a gig,) but I also got really lucky with the set... and it still wasn't THAT crazy. And I can honestly say I don't feel like it would be worth going out of my way to see the band any longer, since they're certainly not going to come to my city. And that just feels kind of sad, honestly. Hearing them say that gigs aren't for their actual fans who listen to their music and not just the radio, that just seems like, yeah, that's not something you really hear bands say a lot. Not a normal attitude. And one or two gigs, a couple thousand fans in massive areas aren't going to make up for that. It's insane to think that that's enough for their fans, as if a fraction of them would ever have an opportunity to go to one of them.
  13. One's not enough anywhere (although I do find myself with the lols when Jobby talks about driving to Germany for a chance at last minute tickets and I realized they're likely as close to Germany as I am to Chicago, which is only two states away.) It's just bonkers that they're doing a ton of fan favorite songs for a tiny handful of fans and using it as an excuse to not play ONE of those songs at their actual gigs that more fans have a prayer of going to. The thought process behind this is more than a bit crazy.
  14. I think the Austin comment was in response to a fan asking them to do a gig there, and them just saying "we'd love to!" because it's nicer than "no." The Chicago comment was to a fan in London.
  15. It sounds like he more implied Chicago, which would make sense being in the middle of the country, with the last two small gigs being on the east and west coasts. As for timeframe, "summer." Maybe.
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