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  1. Glorious is probably, actually, my favorite song they've ever done, if that one counts... It's one of the few songs I actually AVOID listening to in excess... so I still get chills every time I hear it. Easily is great, as well.
  2. I expected cheesy, god-awful lyrics from a song written specifically for/about the Olympics... And hell-oh-boy we got them. But, I could totally look past that. Honest. I really feel like there's parts of the songs I LIKE. Really like. Some of the vocals in particular. It's completely the choir/hahaha bit for me. It makes me feel ashamed of myself for some reason, deep down inside. I only heard part of the interview before I left to try and explain what I was doing to my boss, but what Mr Bellamy said about the "dark side" of the Olympics makes me WANT to like the song... And, this song might end my relationship if we can't stop fighting about it. lols
  3. I was actually going to make a reference about how this song made me pregnant, but as a Prometheus reference... but I lost the ability to make intelligent thoughts for a while... Your is much better anyways. lols
  4. That was my original point, actually, and this somewhat surprises me that they did it... but not really as it IS a big honour. But we went from the strong political nature of BH&R, to the "we can rise up and fix our world"ness of TR, to the "it's too late, it's all over" teaser of 2nd Law. ...and now the "we will fight and win at the Olympics" song. This jars me a million times more than the dubstep. (which really didn't phase me at all.)
  5. Actually, we got Guiding Light, as well. But I infer that someone will delete my account - or insult me until I end it - if I admit that song is a guilty pleasure of mine. Which it is. It reminds me of having a really strong, yet unpleasant, emotion bottled up inside, and what that would feel like just embarassingly blowing out of me in song in front of a large audience. Epic, but not for everyone... and maybe a little embarassing. A big part of what I've always liked about Muse is it always felt the music was for them, not us. If that makes sense. Or maybe just an extension of Matt's brain at the time it was created. Maybe that's why this written for the Olympics song rubs me the wrong way even though I haven't heard it.
  6. Some of the vocals, and honestly more of the lyrics in this case, I think it what screamed "Queen" to me, once I thought about it. My brain is tired, and just asked me "Muse's "We are the Champions"?" upon hearing the clip.
  7. I live in an area of the US with even poorer than standard taste in music. Muse isn't ever played on the radio, and the only "gem" I got at my Muse concert was Feeling Good. Which was sort of a boobie prize. hehe
  8. I have absolutely never been one to complain about Muse lyrics... 99.9% of all music out there is much, much worse, it sounds good, and Matt can write about whatever the f(can we swear here?) he wants. (and I've noticed a hate for any song that may be a little... over romantic...? Maybe.) However... so far this song is making something hurt deep in my stomach and brain. I'll give it a go when I get home, though. I get that it's literally written about the Olympics, and maybe that's just not my thing. I'm so heartbroken it's not Unsustainable, still.
  9. It sounded like Queen and 30 Seconds to Mars had an uncomfortable baby in that last clip... I go to work in 65 minutes, with usage of cell phones/internet being a firing offense, for the next 10 hours. Torturous.
  10. You're only as old as you feel... and today I'm 110... hehe, seriously, I was born in '78, which is old for the 'net, but probably insulting to call myself old. I apologize. Edit: ooooor it says my age next to my name... how embarassing... I'll learn fast, I promise.
  11. Well, I can't really drink AT work! Actually I just had a really big glass of water after being drunk last night... and feel like maybe that sounds better than saying I'm just nervous to hear this song... which would also somewhat be a lie because I'm really about pissing myself that I'm posting on the internets... Um, how was everyone's day??
  12. omg timezones are a bitch... I woke up being excited to hear Unsustainable, and now I'm seeing Olympics... Then realized I'm going to be at my lousy job anyways. Not that anyone cares, as I'm a twat who's too cowardly to post on the internet, but am I the only one who thinks Muse's songs/lyrics/2nd law trailer don't really scream "Olympics"...? o.O Oh, and I'm nervous about that clip. I don't understand what everyone thought was so awful about Guiding Light (but completely understand the NSC hate... yikes) AND I'm worried about that clip. (yes... I am drunk...)
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