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  1. Muse got popular here in a very different period of their career, for very different types of songs. I think it's probably setting oneself up for disappointment to think that even "big" Muse fans over here are the "old Muse" kinds of fans that would be voting for something like Shrinking Universe.
  2. Exactly how many people actually got to see Glorious last time around? I honestly hate when people act like this over these kinds of gigs, and try and make people selfish for voting for what they truly want to see... Also, it's in the US; the voting's not going to go as well as the overseas gigs.
  3. There's no way I'd pay to travel to see them for a normal gig anymore, even if the album was my favorite ever. (Which, with what we've heard, is already statistically impossible.) I know they're going to announce that small gig in the US at some point, terribly last minute, and I'm going to get bent out of shape about it again, despite knowing that the setlist will only be a massive let down compared to the overseas one. I find myself thinking way too much on Matt's "2 o'clock" Tweet.
  4. I like most of the stuff on Drones. A lot. I also enjoyed more than half the songs on T2L. Pretty much all of the music I listen to right now has little or no guitar, and none of it sounds like "old Muse." I can't stand any of the new Muse stuff so far. Exactly as stated above. It's not the "genre" - it's just not up to my standards. It feels boring, insincere, and I find the vocals off putting.
  5. Adorable video aside (damn, even warmed my cynical heart a tiny bit...) I'm surprised at how much people are praising this. The vocals remind me of all the worst parts of Aftermath.
  6. tbf, I think he was just referring to how utterly embarrassing the video was for UD, not the song itself. And outside of "hardcore" Muse circles, Revolt was actually very well liked, especially critically. I don't feel like I care if people shame me, so much as I have an image of myself that I like and try to project. Maybe those are the same, I don't know... It's not just Muse, either, I keep most of my shameful tastes to myself in person.
  7. I didn't even tell my partner I loved Muse until he accidentally found out. Years and years later, well after we'd moved in together.
  8. Also, how old is the person who wrote this article? Because... "young men"?
  9. I didn't even read the interview until just now, and went on what the other poster said about the release. I feel vaguely sad, but I just can't be arsed most of the time anymore. His use of "augment reality" seems like just really awkward wording, basically just saying they were able to augment the visuals, not that it's any special tech or anything. Just fixing one of the things they failed on. Which I still believe falls somewhere between just plain weird and downright shady considering this is supposed to be a showcase of what a Muse gig looks and feels like.
  10. I can see there not being a physical release, because it's not worth the money to print it, but if there isn't some sort of streaming service version, that would be incredibly stupid.
  11. Obviously it sucks that he can't sing what is arguably the "point" of the song, but that's not at all limited to Madness. And I still really enjoyed every time I saw Dead Inside despite the changes made to it, too. And I would never argue against Matt getting in better shape before gigs, but it's likely a completely pointless dream at this point.
  12. It's still getting played because it's one of the biggest hits they've had, not because it's easy to sing. I get that we don't like it, but there's no point pretending a LOT of people don't.
  13. Whelp, add that to the list of things I wish I hadn't watched.
  14. They've said over and over again that they tailor their gigs to the lowest common denominator, and I don't know why people keep being surprised. Sad, yes, surprised, no. What I didn't get about this one, was what was up with how the songs sounded. Seemed like more than one thing going wrong.
  15. Late to the party, commenting on a gig I didn't go to, but that was a great Unsustainable, and that's exactly what the band should be doing if Matt needs a vocal break. Would have been very happy to get that at my gig. And that stage is making me want to start day drinking...
  16. That would make it even more perfect, tbh. Yeah, my current cell phone battery would last for about 15 minutes tops. I suppose I could always get a new one and risk a $1000 phone getting swatted out of my hands and shattered by dozens of other idiots waving their phones around in the air without paying attention to their surroundings. Or I could just listen to music on my iPod and play Pokémon Go from the comfort of my home for free.
  17. Rome was screened all over the world in places where that particular tour didn't happen due to the stadium one being very limited. My area has multiple screenings of this Drones one and the nearest town the tour came to was at least 9 hours away... so yes, I DO think a lot of people are going to see this who never saw the actual gig...
  18. The place I saw Rome was a dump. One of those hipster indie kind of dumps that might be fun for art films, but yeah, didn't really fit a concert like that in the slightest. Sound was shoddy, seating was shoddy, and they misrepresented it being in 4k and then said they "didn't get the projector on loan as intended" from the sister theater. I'm curious to know if there's sfx other than the orbs that's been altered. We knew all along that something went wrong with the orbs (although not exactly what until later) but it seems incredibly odd to put that stuff back into the movie release.
  19. In literally every shot of the orbs you can see they've added visuals into them. The marketing for this is really making it seem like there's not a physical release, which would be a shame for a ton of the band's fans. But, I guess, sort of in line with their modern philosophy, so I suppose it could happen.
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