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  1. 21 Pilots is way, way bigger than Muse in the States.
  2. It was great for post-T2L Muse in America... which is still not "pay loads of money to see them out of state" great.
  3. I don't even think 30STM put on that great of a performance, and their new music isn't for me, but the difference in crowd interaction and energy between them and Muse was astounding, and it might have been the only time I felt an opening act actually took away from the main band's performance.
  4. You can look up some videos from the Philadelphia gig in particular, if you're so inclined, but the band was so painfully un-into the gig that Matt in particular almost seemed half asleep, or pissed off to be there. Between that, and the 360 stage meaning I was staring across the band into the also bored expressions of the fans on the other side, it was one of the worst concert vibes I've experienced in my entire life, even during the songs they played that I really, really liked. Setlist, stage, vibe and overall energy were an improvement at Red Rocks... but it still often felt like the band just didn't want to be there. Matt came out for Uprising on the encore, and proceeded to stare at his feet at the edge of the stage the entire time, for instance.
  5. I do find myself wondering if I'd like or listen to this song if it wasn't Muse. And if I'm giving these last two too much leeway because of my history with the band, and only comparing them favorably to the first songs release from this album...
  6. Last tour was ok, but I don't know how excited I'd have been if it wasn't for BH and it wasn't at Red Rocks. Drones arena tour was absolutely terrible. I simply can't justify the expense and hassle when I know I'm going to be bored at least half the gig.
  7. That is interesting, actually. Seems like this would have been the perfect time to do smaller gigs in the US, so they could do a bit more of an extensive tour, if the productions are going to be different.
  8. The bass on all the recordings of that gig/song were really fucked up, and masked a lot of the song. That and Matt's guitar gave me a totally different idea of what the song would be like. I was really obsessed with that ewerk version, and although I like the actual song, it didn't come close to living up to what I thought it was going to be. Probably even more so than the electronic nature of the song, the vocals were always better live. It's an emotional song, and the choruses in particular sound subdued and weak on the album, and powerful and raw live. That's been a big criticism of mine with the band for quite a while now, though; they often struggle to make Matt's vocals sound as emotive or real as they should be, and end up sounding really "polished" for lack of a better word.
  9. I mean, between Matt's Tweet about it and the lyrics... probably.
  10. Counting IS/Uns, they played 16 in a short slot. Counting those same songs (when played) and NKOK (which, as we can at least agree, wasn't really a played song) they played 17 on their last tour, for the most part. I suppose you could argue for counting the Jam as a song? They played the same amount when I saw them on the proper Drones tour (yes, yes, Globalist is long...), looking at the first time I saw them at home (2010) was 15 (16 if you count a piano interlude.) Considering that's counting all the "filler" tracks except the Jam... that's really made me wonder what exactly is filling that extra time.
  11. Has the band really given us much reason to hold out hope at this point? Especially as a US fan. I think this setlist is very indicative of what's going to happen all tour. I'm actually shocked about Handler. How many songs were played? 13? 14? Not counting filler. That's only a couple less songs than they were playing on the US arena tour on a 90 minute slot. More than 15-16 songs when they're charging arena prices and have as many albums/hits as they do Quit relying on the visuals (which often aren't as amazing as they make them up to be) to energize the show, put some energy into the performance, and stop looking like it's a bore to perform
  12. I thought it was pretty clear they weren't that active with their own promotion. There's loads of examples where they seemed pretty clueless about it. I assume they're a big enough band at this point that they have people for that, and just largely ignore it.
  13. You're saying the "real" Muse is a one shot "prog" song that's really just three other songs slapped together, and not the pop material that has comprised a good portion of their output and an increasing majority of their singles? That's... uh... a stretch.
  14. Am I too late to add a slowed down Night Begins to Shine?
  15. I was really not expecting to like anything off this album... Now I'm conflicted, damnit. Why couldn't the other songs be more like this?
  16. But why would I be excited for acoustic versions of songs I don't care for?
  17. I've already had the "do I just buy this because I have all the other ones...?" thoughts, myself.
  18. Why would we assume a fan that got into the band recently, due to recent singles, would - even upon listening to the older material - suddenly decide that the old rarities appeal to them more? I think we tend to think our personal favorites are gospel, and they're really not. I have gotten into plenty of bands and then not liked their earlier, more fan-acclaimed material in the slightest, and given a voting situation, wouldn't vote for old rare songs just because they're rare, or to make other fans happy.
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