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  1. I've heard some of Band of Skulls stuff, one of my co-workers was really into them. I'm a bit on the fence, but I still do love seeing live shows. Just hasn't been something I can really afford or get into much recently.

    I hear you on not knowing how to dress; it feels like you can either buy plaid grandmother shirts, or cut off tees with kittens and the Little Mermaid on them. Nothing good inbetween.

    I'm REALLY looking for some new music to get into. Music used to be so important to me, and now I can't really name a band I'm into other than Muse, which is a holdover from 2004!

    I seem to find a good deal of single songs I like, but then find I don't really like the band.

  2. I really like First Ave, but I've just been far too lazy to catch gigs after work for the last few years. So no, I probably won't be there.

  3. Yes, Minnesotan. :)

  4. OMG, I'm so happy! :D I work nights on the w/e, too, so I'll be here for tix!

  5. Thank you! :D

    Haven't use this name in aaaages.

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