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  1. It finished at 10.30. What an amazing gig!! Can't wait for tonight.
  2. Amazing gig, loved every minute of it. My highlights were Dead Star, although no-one around me seemed to know it, but I made up for that and also Liquid State, Chris your hair looked great btw.
  3. Blimey, I'm worn out just reading all this. I'll be there at 7.30pm, catch a bit of Dizzee whatsit, whoever he is, sit in my comfy seat till my beloved band come on, then go bananas to whatever amazing songs they've chosen.
  4. I've just driven past the Etihad and it looked like all the stage trucks were arriving. They were grey trucks with a black lightning bolt on them, there were about eight of them so far. Can't wait!!
  5. Just got my ticket in the presale no problem, just wanted to say thanks, it worked really well .
  6. I want to be ready on Wednesday with my presale code. A while back I saw some instructions on how to register via Gigsandtours.com but I can't find it now, could anyone point me in the right direction.
  7. There are some tickets still for sale on Ticketmaster, Block 114 at the back, lower tier if anyones still after tickets.
  8. Does anyone know what time Muse will come on?, I'm coming from work so will be a bit of a push.
  9. I got them from Ticketmaster in the general 10am bunfight cause I wanted seated rather than standing.
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