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    Nov 2003 25. Glasgow SECC, Glasgow, UK.
    Dec 2004 19. Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, UK.
    Aug 2006 26. Reading Festival, Little John's Farm, Reading, England.
    Nov 2006 07. SECC, Glasgow, UK.
    Jun 2007 16. Wembley Stadium, London, UK.
    Nov 2009 12. O2 Arena, London, UK
    Oct 2012 26. O2 Arena, London, UK
    April 2015 11. O2 Arena, London, UK
  1. A slightly less painful ticket scrum with Ticketmaster this morning than with the likes of Seetickets in the past. But that's easy to say, if you've got tickets. All very expensive, but sadly not too surprising. Tickets for Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes were similarly wallet-robbing, but in-the-round at the O2 has to be a better experience than on-the-ground at MK Bow(e)l. Drones > Throne.
  2. Museic, I find myself agreeing with you again. I must stop it. I have rediscovered the awesomeness of MK Ultra (and The Resistance as whole after a bit of an absence from my ears.) The opening riff, the bass and drums kicking in, the breakdown about 1.20mins in, the building return via some heavy riffing to that tasty opening riff... Yep, awesomeness indeed.
  3. 1. Absolution 2. OOS 3. BH&R 4. T2L 5. The Resistance 6. Showbiz Largely in agreement with you there, Museic. Undoubtedly Showbiz has some great songs and it took me first into Museville, but taking albums as whole pieces of work, for songwriting, invention and boldly going, I prefer where they've been since. But hey, they're all awesome IMHO!
  4. Refreshing Inboxes today... refreshing Seetickets/Ticketmaster webpages on Thursday morning... You can have too much refreshment. They're warming up the pokers down below already for those charmers with their Front Row Standing tickets on ePay, Viahoho and Seatgrave.
  5. Yep, some truly lovely human being has 4 spare presale tickets for the Saturday date at the O2 arena. Out of the goodness of his/her heart, you can take them off his/her hands for just £139.99. Front row standing too. Bargain. And still no email. And perhaps just slightly bitter.
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