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  1. WHY would you get tickets if you aren't sure you'll bother going? Why not leave them for someone who actually can go. I think that's just plain rude
  2. I reckon so. Oh well, going again on Sunday so might try for his side, or maybe the end of the catwalk Just hope to god the crowd are better. Might take my cattle prodder, that would get them jumping!
  3. Oh Muse, you were absolutely amazing as always. Shame the crowd infront of Matt was dead. Got the barrier but actually moved back after a few songs as the crowd around us were so dead it wasn't any fun Why queue for hours and push to the barrier to just stand there? If you want to just bop your head just buy a jeffing seat and leave the barrier for those of us who actually want the atmosphere. SO angry with the morons around me who kind of ruined it for us. They played Bliss, KoC & PiB and the two girls next to me just stood ther, wtf!!!??? My boyfriends first Muse gig and i so wish i'd dragged him to the LG last October
  4. I've been a fan since the early days, although i only bought Showbiz this year. First heard them in 2000, but really got into them with Absolution and have loved them ever since. None of my friends/family understand my love for this band
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