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  1. See, I dont mind it either, I don't mind listening to it, but it wouldn't be one of the songs I'd really wish to hear live, in the same sense that I'm not too keen on Feeling Good either, Soldiers Poem is a bit of a strange one for me
  2. Thankyou very much! I'll have a look! xx

  3. Sorry, just realised that link doesn't work. >_<

    You should be able to find them by searching from the homepage.

  4. Hi!

    Saw your post in the Ticket Application thread about trying to get tickets for Birmingham. Not sure if it will be any use, but there are still seated tickets available at Ticket Factory: https://www.theticketfactory.com/default/online/seatSelect.asp


    All the best! :)

  5. I think that's the route I'm going to be going down in hope of getting to Birmingham, lets hope more tix do get released, I was taken back by how quickly the tickets were selling out!
  6. I hope they release more tickets, I really really do, me and my boyfriend managed to get tickets for the 02 on the 27th and Manchester tickets but Bimingham was also on our wishlist of gigs. Fingers crossed.
  7. Most of the Muse dreams Ive had are very similar, it is always something to do with me having my own private gig. Once, I was stood in the middle of a huge Stadium by myself at the barrier, watching the show. Crazy! Although, there was one I had, and Matt, Dom and Chris were walking down an empty street and I could see them from a distance but my vision was blurred and I ran towards them and they became clearer and clearer. I asked for autographs and pictures and Matt was like, 'Sure! No problem!'.. as usual, the dream was at the best part and then I woke up.
  8. My confirmation e-mail came through at three o clock this morning, Im so pleased because I really could not stop refreshing my hotmail account!. I would say that there is still time for other e mails to be sent. I checked my bank online last night and the money was still being held, I used it as a good omen. Fingers crossed!
  9. I'm new to the forum and was browsing and found this thread. My cheeks are sore! A misheard lyric from Citizen Erased I had to tell my boyfriend wasn't right once. He thought it was 'Cheat, just to cheat' when it is in fact 'Teach us to cheat' Teehee!
  10. The new sound has certainly grown on me as I was not sure at first. The sound of OoS is really edgy and different to stuff from The Resistance for example and although OoS is probably my favourite album, I think that Muse like to be creative and like to explore other musical territory. I do think it's a risk, but it is something to admire also. I think we are all in for one big Musey treat!
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