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  1. As a postie, trust me, be glad these things are sent recorded signed for or some people may never get their tickets...I delivered Muse tickets yesterday (I only know this because I know the person and got the exact same envelope on the same day with my tickets ) and she wasn't in...if they hadn't been recorded they would have been left in an open outside mail box instead of taken safely back to the office to wait for her to collect them Not to mention not everyone is as honest as me Anyway, as I said, my tickets arrived yesterday, GOOD TIMES! Can't wait for October, now waiting eagerly for the support act announcement!
  2. I got two tickets in the presale Excited much (and for the previous poster, yes they say Ken in Edinburgh, but it's more widely used further East ) Am wondering when the tickets will arrive...
  3. I, too, need to know the answer to this, as I've applied for presale and the money is apparently 'held' in my account...if I'm unsuccessful will the money be taken 'off hold' before the 14th? I won't have the money to buy general sale tickets otherwise! Muse.mu should have been more clear about this during the application process.
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